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Beauty N' The East (BAE)
Tour Registration Form


Your registration is connected to your individual Girl Let's Go Profile.

Please do not register others UNLESS they are your spouse or minor child.

Send your cabin mate this link so they can register within 24hrs of your submission.

This section is for

Please allow 72 business hours for us to confirm price and availability of your intended dates.
Day of ARRIVAL in destination MAY NOT BE the same day you need to fly from your departure city.

Travel Requirements

Passport Status
VISA (Ghana)
VISA (Thailand)
Upload Picture of Yourself

Vaccination Requirements


Tell Us About Your Trip Mate

Your Invoice + Your Trip Mate's Invoice = Tour is Paid In Full
Pricing for all tours is based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY, meaning two people must occupy the room in order for the price to be true. Two people can occupy one bed or have separate beds. But, if only one person occupies the room (meaning you have not found a trip mate by final payment) your invoice will be assessed the solo traveler rate; which will increase the price of your invoice. Refer to the trip details found at for the solo rate for the trip you are registering for.
My Trip Mate is A:
If your tripmate(s) are MINORS - you will need to complete a separate registration for each child with: THEIR information in the main fields, list yourself as the cabin mate below, indicate they are a minor and select "I am the responsible adult."
Trip Mate
How Do You Want to Be Invoiced


Deposit & Monthly Payments

Financing Options

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Travelers may apply for BUY NOW PAY LATER approval through our partnership with AFFIRM. This allows you to settle your balance with us and pay them back over an extended period of time. The amount you are approved for can be used to apply to your invoice for a portion of the balance to settle the balance completely. AFFIRM uses a soft credit pull to determine your eligibility and payment terms (which does not affect your credit score) however missing your payment obligations with them or defaulting on your loan will negatively affect your credit profile and score. You may use the payment buttons at to select the desired loan amount OR request a custom amount by sending an email to When using Affirm for your payments please be advised our payment system does not collect servicing fees associated with your loan (8%+0.30 per transaction/approval) Therefore you will receive an invoice within 5-7 days from Girl Let's Go, LLC reflecting the difference in funding (the loan amount you requested minus the actual amount we are funded); this amount will be due by the final payment for your trip and CANNOT be paid with another Affirm loan. This portion of your balance is only payable via Zelle to avoid additional fees.  Once funded, funds CANNOT be transferred to another person or trip. Loan applicants will be bound to the repayment terms outlined in their loan approval and will conduct their repayment with the financing company; not Girl Let's Go. We strongly encourage anyone seeking loan funding to purchase Travel Insurance that offers cash back in the event of cancellation as some policies only offer credit vouchers. Cash back policies usually fund up to 75% of the trip cost, less any non-refundable fees charged by Girl Let's Go. Usually cash-back travel insurance policies are more expensive. 

Travel Insurance

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Deposit Payment

Debit & Credit Card Payments take 72hrs to process with 5% convenience fees which will be added to your invoice and due at final payment. Once your initial deposit is received you will have the option to send payments via Zelle.

First Registered, First Reserved. Room is guarantee once Full Deposit is Received.
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