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Cruise Registration Form


Your registration is connected to your individual Girl Let's Go Profile.

Please do not register others UNLESS they are your spouse or minor child.

Send your cabin mate this link so they can register within 24hrs of your submission.

Specialty Cabins include: Triple, Quad and Quint Cabins.... Wheelchair accessible cabins and suites. These cabins CANNOT be reserved with $12.50. In order to reserve a specialty cabin you must submit a request for availability and current pricing. We will email you a quote with deposit information.


Lead Guest Info

Enter guest information EXACTLY  as it is on your State Issued ID Card or Passport

Cruise Reward Status
Upload Picture of Yourself

Photo is used for Cruise Profile, In event of emergency and (or) promotions for this cruise.

Who Will Be In the Cabin With You?

If you know your cabin mates' name - give us a heads up so when they register we can place them in your cabin. 

Cabin Mate
How Do You Want to Be Invoiced

Fill out this section if you will be paying for your cabin mate's registration and cruise invoice. 

We suggest ONLY doing this if your cabin mate is your spouse or minor child.

Cabin Selection

Please refer to the cruise page for pricing info as this form is used for all of our Carnival Cruises and pricing cannot be displayed. Also note, the design, décor and layout of your cruise may be different. Pictures are used for illustrative purposes only.

Interior - Floor beds can be separated to twin or 1 King
Upper Lower - Top bunk may or may not fold up.
Port Hole - Lmtd. Not available on all ships. See cruise page.
Ocean View - Window does not open.
Balcony- Has Guard Rail approximately 4'

Additional Invoicing


Travel Protection

Your room steward serves as your cabin attendant. He or she will visit your room at least once a day (or upon request) to make your bed, take out the trash, replenish your towels, take away used glasses or room service trays and do other basic cleaning chores. You can pay your gratuities as part of your invoicing now, or Carnival will place a hold on your debit/credit card when you board the ship and charge you before leaving the ship. Which do you prefer?

Travel protection / Travel insurance provide policies for the purposes of compensating the traveler in the event you need to cancel your trip or a situation arises such as: trip interruption, emergency medical assistance, medivac services, lost or damaged luggage and more. Travel Insurance is optional but highly recommended. Pricing is based on your cabin type and generally range from $49-$79 Interior Cabins, $80-$109 Ocean View, $110-$149 balcony.

Accept or Decline Travel Protection

Financing Options

online payments.jpg

AFFIRM & UPLIFT FINANCING is available to settle a portion of your invoice or pay the balance in full. Both companies use a soft pull on your credit profile to determine your eligibility and loan terms. However, defaulting on your loan or missing payments will negatively affect your credit score. Once approved, the amount of the loan "actually funded to us" (less any transaction fees) will be applied to your cruise invoice. The difference in your approved amount and the amount actually funded to us will be billed to your invoice within 5-7 days and due by the final payment for your trip. AFFIRM loans can be completed on your own, while an appointment MUST be set up with your travel agent for UPLIFT financing approvals which take approximately 10-15min to complete. Once funded, neither financing option can be transferred to another person or trip. Loan applicants will be bound to the repayment terms outlined in their loan approval and will conduct their repayment with the financing company; not Girl Let's Go. We strongly encourage anyone seeking loan funding to purchase Travel Insurance that offers cash back in the event of cancellation as some policies only offer credit vouchers. Usually cash-back travel insurance policies are more expensive. Cash back policies usually fund up to 75% of the trip cost, less any non-refundable fees charged by Girl Let's Go. 

Earn Referral Credits

You are automatically entered into the referral program which allows you to earn up to $200.

To qualify, enter the name of the person who invited you to this cruise, and when YOU refer others, have them enter YOUR NAME as their referral source DURING REGISTRATION.

Credits are earned when you have (8) cabins or a total of 16 DOUBLE OCCUPANCY GUESTS who complete their final payment. (The third, fourth and fifth person in a cabin do not count towards this incentive.) Funds are paid within 30 days of sailing.

Cruise Registration Payment

You have the option to pay your registration only OR registration + payment.

Pricing below includes 5% convenience fee for debit/credit card payments. Alternatively, you have the option to make deposits and payments using Zelle which is free of charge. That information can be found at
Cruise Registration Payment
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