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Travel. Share. Earn.

Live your dream as one of our "GoGirls" traveling around the world discovering unique experiences and inspiring others to do the same!​


 "GoGirls" as we call them, are not travel agents, they brand ambassadors representing the diverse range of our audience. From first-time to avid travelers, foodies, budget savvy, destination addicts (international and domestic), tour enthusiasts and straight up girls who want to hand fun and women who seem to have to move 10 mountains just to have some. What our GoGirls have in common is they are all socialites willing to share their desires and experiences as part of the Girl Let's Go brand.


GoGirls attract new customers, expand the customer base, communicate new promotions, announce new products, and sometimes travel with our agents and group as the hype crew and addition to the fun. Ideal candidates have a strong love for travel, are not shy to social media promotions and marketing, vlogging, blogging, content creation, marketing and the like. They posses a creative mind and can work as a team to bring their ideas to life.  We look for someone who can balance their realness and authentic personality while a high level of professionalism when interacting with clients, customers, and team members while creating  unique customer experiences to build customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. Ultimately, we are looking for enthusiastic Marketing Assistants & Brand Ambassadors to be the face, echo and cheerleaders for our company and trips.  

What We Need

  • Social Media Admins & Chat Group Management

  • Brand Ambassadors for our GoWhere™ Clothing Line & Online Store 

  • Destination Assistants, Cheerleaders & Hype Crew

  • If you have a specific niche (love pubs, party goer, always on a nature walk) let us know!

Special Emphasis On:

  • Bloggers & Vloggers & Influencers (wannabe's are acceptable)

  • Travel photographer, videographer or Youtubers

  • Models or someone that obsessively takes photos, videos and notes.

  • Dancers

  • Fun, high vibration socialites who can direct or hype up any situation.

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What you get:

  • Discounted travel on hotels, cruises, resorts

  • Girl Let's Go Travel Swag

  • Performance Earnings

  • Marketing Material 

  • Trip Upgrades

Meet Our GoGirls Team Lead

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I started out as a wanna be traveler who didn't even on a passport in 2019. I booked my first trip with Girl Let's Go and invited all my friends to join me in Punta Cana and wound up being rewarded with $400 cash in hand! After covid, I booked my second trip to Cancun, promoted the trip, got a $200 Visa Gift Card, upgraded room accommodations and discount off my 3rd trip set to take place in Jamaica next year. Being a GoGirl is fun, going on trips, being a part of the excitement and living the dream. Now, all I need is to build my team. Who's down with me?


Our Next Interest Meeting Will Be Oct 14th at 2pm EST via Google Meet

Go Girl Interest Form

Have you traveled before? If so, where. Click all that apply and use other to specify:Domestic Destinations (Within theUSA)

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Which area of the travel do you think you'd be most connected to? 

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Your Talents

Provide us Your Social Media Links (Personal and Business)

Have you ever traveled somewhere and made a video, reel, vlog or blog about it? If it wasn't travel, have you ever created some type of media for something you were passionate about (ex: You have your own cooking channel or social media following for something you do or offer). If not, create something. Be creative. Share an image, video of both. This could be an "I'm your next GoGirl Video, or an article written about a destination or experience." We just wanna see what you got. Again there is no right or wrong submission - we're here scouting for various forms of talents and are excited to see what you bring to the table. 

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