Our focus is not split between recruiting or side bar products and services. Our program is centered on:

  • Travel & Travel Training

  • No Recruiting Necessary

  • Multiple Streams of Income

  • Personal Development & Professionalism

Our Professional Travel Managers (PTMs) have access to the most exclusive travel and entertainment deals. Also we have unparalleled training opportunities designed to maximize knowledge, skill, and success in the industry. People learn by reading, others by listening and doing, so our comprehensive program is designed to incorporate each of these factors. 


This is not your typical take-a-4-hour course and whaalaa, you're a travel agent, program. This is a structured program that incorporates on your own time learning modules, interactive sessions with an educator so you can get your questions answered with practical and academic requirements. We set factors to ensure no trainee is left behind or certified without complete understanding of their role and responsibilities once certified. 

Travel Agents do NOT have to add to their client's invoice in order to get paid...

No matter where a trip is booked,there is a commission built into the price.

The question is,

do you want that commission going to you,

or someone else? 

Did You Know...

On the other hand, this may be PERFECT for you!

Becoming a travel profession is the intersection where passion and profits collide. There are many reasons that travel agents still exist, but we'll share one for now. In light of the many online booking engines, travel agents provide a personalized service to their clients saving both time, money and headache. 

The purpose of a Travel Agent is to sell transportation and accommodation to individuals and groups planning trips. They provide advice on travel destinations, plan itineraries, and collect payments and use their expertise to guide travelers through many pitfalls of booking and traveling. When things are going smooth, travel agents are the un-sung heroes but when things hit the fan, clients are usually able to see the power, pull and significance they bring to the table. Like insurance, travel agents are better to have than not to. ​

How Do You Earn Income?

Imagine you got a message from a friend that said:

You find the PERFECT package! Here's how you get paid:​

*Example based on relative information and actual possibilities. 

What's In It For Me?

Doing Business As A Professional Travel Manager


Our PTM Program will position you in the seat with direct access to some of the industries leading suppliers of travel.  Upon completion of our prerequisites, you'll be able to further your knowledge and hone your skills and expertise by training and working directly with them. In addition, you'll have the ability to rack in the perks of being an industry professional by taking advantage of additional exclusive Travel Agent Rates, Education and Promotions including FAM (Familiarization) Trips and booking incentives from these vendors and suppliers. 

Which One is best for you? 


Do you already own your own agency, policies and procedures but want to benefit from the relationships and commissions we have already established with vendors? You might want to become a SECRET AGENT.

Are you new to the industry or have prior experience, perhaps with a host agency or call center but still need a bit of guidance and support to take things to the next? You might want to become an AFFILIATE. 

 Do you want to take earn incentives from reselling our trips, and your own agent-initiated trips? Does the possibility of commission and company positions interest you? You may want to become a Girl Let's Go ASSOCIATE.


 Do you only book trips for yourself and occasionally family and friends? If you don't book a large volume of travel, but would like the benefits and commissions when you do, you might want to become a FREE AGENT.

We are not a recruiting mill. Therefore our course enrollments have limited seating and are structured to ensure you have a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to your success every step of the way. For that reason, you must enroll during our open periods or wait for the next open enrollment publication. 


Our PTM Program is designed to last 4 weeks. Intro to Business Course is 2 weeks. Trainees are given the credentials to start earning income after they have passed the trainee exams. Trainees have the opportunity to work with a dedicated mentor 2 weeks, following their certificate of accomplishment. Total time of trainee status is 8 weeks, however you are able to begin booking after your 4 week core course. 


We'll gladly interview you to get a keen understanding of your industry experience. At a minimum though, all PTMs are required to take our DBA training, which covers compliance and use of our credentials.


If you decide to register early for a course seat, you will not be on idle time. We will provide you with information and tasks that you can do to prepare for your new venture. This will prove to have been a smart move once class is in session because you will be ahead of the game.


This is not a pass or fail program, our commitment is to partner with you and assist you with comprehension of the material covered. Our Girl Let's Go Associate program does require additional interview and we have a limited number of associate positions. Those who are not select will be given an opportunity to work as a Secret or Free Agent and any reimbursements owed will be rendered. Outside of that, course enrollments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Course start dates can be postponed up to (2) sessions (approximately 60 days) before enrollment fees are forfeited.  All retainers are non-refundable. All PTMs will be required to sign compliance contracts for use of our credentials.


As with owning any business, it takes time and money in order to be successful. The good thing is, there are no sales minimums to hit to maintain.  We truly discourage our agents from borrowing the thought that this is a way to get rich quick. Though it can happen (depending on your version of quick) we suggest you consider this like opening a brick and mortar business, only without the overhead. In essence, you are likely to experience a shorter turn around time in terms of profit, but ultimately, it will take time and dedication to reach the level of success you desire.

Reserve Your Seat

Enrollment Open For
March 15-April 15, 2020

Prep Training:                   April 15, 2020

Course Start Date:            May 1, 2020

Certificate & Booking        May 25, 2020