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If you build it...

The Dream is Ready for a Team. Join Us

Save the date: April 25th (Time TBA)! Girl Let’s Go LLC is excited to present an exclusive event where our CEO will unveil the company's aspirations, available positions, and a roadmap to success. This intimate gathering promises an engaging discussion where actions speak louder than words. Prepare your questions and secure your place in the Girl Let’s Go story! To secure a prime spot at this meeting, eager participants are encouraged to complete the registration form, submit a resume, or create a brief intro video showcasing their skills. All talents are valued! Whether time is the asset you can give, or dedication to a specific area of performance, we want to hear from you! This event aims to offer a glimpse into the Girl Let’s Go world and provides an opportunity to discuss your salary expectations if you join the team.

Your hidden talents are of great interest to us, so if you don't see your attribution mentioned below, fill out the form and let us know! Young adults are also welcome to apply.

  • Executive Leaders

  • Brand Experts

  • Social Media Aficionados

  • Facebook Specialists

  • Knowledge Experts

  • Event Coordinators

  • Email Marketing Specialists

  • Financial Wizards

  • Logistics Experts

  • Time Management Specialists

  • Marketing Powerhouses

  • Operations Specialists

  • Media Wizards

We will send out the time and attendance link to registered attendees only.

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