We might be strangers...

But We Travel Like Family!


     Girl Let’s Go offers four diverse travel lines to fit your unique travel needs. These are perfectly planned voyages that allow you to tap in on all the fun and excitements without breaking a sweat on the arrangements and schedules. Our open call bookings allow others to join the same itinerary as you, and you have the chance to mingle with your co-travelers, partake in group activities...or not. The choice is absolutely yours, but one thing all of our clients can take away from these experiences that we offer is the embedded value and savings we give to our groups – from cash giveaways, swag bags, group pricing, freebies to exclusive itineraries, and of course once experiences that can't be duplicated. So, no matter what destination you have in mind, we're ready to pack in and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you can brag about.

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By Girl Let's Go, LLC


      Our "Getaways" Line offers exciting rendezvous in some of the world's most popular tourist destinations many times allowing you to choose between 3 and 7 nights offers. These trips are great for the weekend voyagers who need a quick-reset on life, work and everything in between. They are perfect for travel newbies who need to get their feet wet in the picturesque sands of somebody's crystal clear waters. And they are exquisite for meeting up with familiar faces as our Getaway Girls tend to meet up on the beaches of the world. Getaways offer a fine mixture of personal and leisure time, planned events, which are optional, and excursions.  Our travelers get a chance to create amazing bonds, find room mates, and network all while traveling the world. and and depending on when you book group flight options (with payment plans) may be available. 

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July 15, 2021

Overnight Celebrity Getaway

Calling out the Celebrity in you to join us at Planet Hollywood in Cancun, Mexico. Vacation Like a Star!



Per Person

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Then there is our Escapades Travel Line for individuals, private or open-group trips, or group trips offering an ensemble of getaways right here within the continental United States, U.S. territories, and Canada. Our itineraries come with loads of fun and surprises. Trips may include a combination of transportation modes and excursions. Are you up for the action and adventures? How would you like ballooning over the Arizona desert? What about a train trip to Niagara Falls? Does crossing the waters and dashing to spots like Puerto Rico and Hawaii sounds like fun?

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Biloxi & New Orleans


Per Person

New York


Per Person

June 4, 2021

New York & Niagara Falls

Highlights of New York & Niagara Falls, Canada, S.E.X in the City & Casino Night + More



Per Person

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By Girl Let's Go, LLC


You will find nothing but excitement, awe, and adventure within the iExplore Line brought to you, courtesy of Girl Let’s Go! We plan trips to the most sought-after destinations on the planet! Trips are packed with expeditions, meals, transportation, entry fees, cultural experiences and many times visiting multiple destinations within a single trip so you can check off a few things from your bucket list.  

This Line is definitely for travelers who want more from their vacations. To achieve this, they turn to us to help them create experiences worth remembering. These are individuals who aren't satisfied with being confined to a cruise ship or resort but dream of a cooking class in Italy, dancing in the carnival festivities, and skydiving over the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai. Let us arm you with our signature M.A.P and help place the world of possibilities within your reach.

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Oct. 29, 2021

Beauty  n' The East

Dazzling Dubai and Marvelous Maldives, a trip made to bring you heaven on earth



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By Girl Let's Go, LLC

Our Girl Let's Go Crusade Line turns ordinary cruises into extraordinary time capsules seasoned with the fun, zeal, and satisfaction. Sure you could book a cruise on your own...in fact, you can sail on the same itinerary with us but trust me when I say you'll be on the ship but not part of our group and you'll FEEL and SEE the difference. It's just something about our group cruises that are unforgettable. Maybe it's the sense of family among strangers within our group so you never feel alone, or the awe of on-lookers watching as we head to our exclusive events, parties and dining areas...maybe its the smirk we have knowing price is what we all paid, but value is something we got more of... perhaps it's the perks and amenities rendered to us by the cruise line or our shirts and swag bag that caught their eye... not really sure but one thing for certain, our Crusades are contagious! Whether you are traveling alone or bringing  friends and family with you, you're bound to build connections within our group. 

May 2, 2021

Bustin' Loose cruise

Carnival Magic, Dream Class

7 Day Crusade from Miami visiting Belize, Cayman Islands, Mohogany Bay and Cozumel with (2) Fun Days at Sea!



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