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Welcome to a World Where Travel is More Than Just Moving 

Welcome to a World Where Travel is More Than Just MovingIt's Living!

Since 2013, Girl Let's Go has been sprinkling that same magical feeling to women, families, companies, individuals, groups - and yes, even a sprinkle of men! We whip up tailor-made experiences that are as unique as a unicorn. Each journey we curate is a labor of love, meticulously crafted with the same care we give ourselves. Our tribe chooses us for our groovy vibes, our epic adventures, and the promise of finding a temporary family where leaving alone means departing with a heart full of memories and the hope of future reunions. I believe that women deserve a break, a chance to let loose and embrace their inner free spirit for a few days. Picture waking up to sandy beaches, delving into new cultures, globe-trotting, guilt-free indulging in delicious food, encountering exotic critters, and returning home with a treasure trove of tales and shared memories. Why not take the leap? Girl, Let's Go!


My name is Timmesha "Mesha" Rogers, I am the visionary and Chief Executive Officer of Girl Let’s Go, a venture I founded in 2013 as a sole proprietorship. Initially driven by personal curiosity and a desire to explore the intricacies of travel, its insider benefits, discounts, and tax advantages, my journey evolved significantly.

As I embarked on global adventures and treated my family to extraordinary experiences worldwide, my passion for helping others do the same blossomed.

What started as assistance to numerous women, groups, businesses, families, couples, and non-profit organizations in their travel pursuits quickly transitioned into a successful enterprise, fueled by a growing demand for our contagious experiences. 

Meet the Founder

Today, Girl Let’s Go serves as a gateway for travelers, ranging from novices to seasoned explorers and luxury connoisseurs. Our fundamental mission is to provide a personalized touch that transcends conventional online travel platforms leaving our clients yearning for more enriching experiences. The company is comprised of the Dream Team, Destination Darlings, GoGirls and our family of travel sisters.

Are Our Services Exclusively for Black Women?

This particular question arises frequently due to the predominant representation of beautiful women of color on our website. As an African American woman myself, I strive to create an environment where black and brown women feel as welcomed as they do on the websites of larger corporations that so commonly feature slim, white women adhering to industry standards. (14).png

"Embracing diversity by highlighting women of color on our platform does not signify exclusivity to black women or preclude men from joining our trips...

Rather, it fosters a sense of belonging among those who resonate with our representation while extending a warm invitation to individuals of all ethnicities. Isn't the essence of travel rooted in exploring and understanding diverse cultures?"

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Our Trips
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 Our Agents!

Whipping up our dream getaways and keeping our globetrotters grinning wouldn't be the same without our magical mix of personal touch, chitchat, wisdom, excitement, and tailoring every single adventure we craft. Our travelers are way more than just statistics, and we sure ain't robots. Each journey and ask is like a thrilling puzzle for us to crack, digging deep into every detail, craving, and whimsical dream, serving up a one-of-a-kind adventure for each wanderer.

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Our agents are not your average run-of-the-mill recruits.. The honor of partnering with us as a Destination Darling and collaborating with the esteemed Girl Let’s Go team and brand is no walk in the park. Unlike companies that swiftly recruit agents in large numbers and spit them into the field like a speeding train, we prioritize quality over quantity, emphasizing the significance they bring to you and our brand. Every agent, though independent, works harmoniously with the Girl Let’s Go team to deliver a level of service that sets us apart. It is vital to select not just any agent but the right one to align with your travel aspirations. Explore our Destination Darlings on the "Find An Agent" page of our website.

How We Roll

Listen up. With us, luxury doesn't mean breaking the bank. What sets us apart is our heart. We're the gateway to your travel dreams, teaching you how to make small life adjustments to unlock bigger adventures. We're not just selling trips; we're crafting experiences that become cherished life stories.

Beauty N' The East

Journey with us to uncover the beauty within the eastern side of the hemisphere. Usually visiting multiple destinations within the trip, these trips are for those who want to get off the beaten path and be a part of the culture, connecting with the locals, experiencing the heritage and enjoying the beauty and ambiance while also visiting some of the most sought out attractions and experiences within the trip. B.A.E. trips are laced with added inclusions such as select meals, entry fees, motorcoach transportation and exclusive events, theme nights etc., all the while leaving your with time opportunities for you to break away and do your own thang! 


These NO PASSPORT REQUIRED CRUISES offer you the ability to book by yourself, with family and friends or tap into our group shenanigans. Our price, cabins and inclusions are contracted with the cruise line, which allows you to absorb all of the group benefits to include special events, perks, incentives, upgrades and of course our Girl Let's Go Flare.  


Looking to travel without the planning hassle? Our Getaway have it all. From Group Flight Perks and incentive to welcome and farewell events, group excursions to private meetups, challenges, custom apparel, swag bag, raffles, incentives and more. Meet the GoGirls, check off some unforgettable experiences and rack in those instagrammable moments. 

Semi-Solo "Escapes" 

If you ever wanted to travel but was afraid to go by yourself, our Semi Solo trips are perfect for you. When you book our Escapes Travel Line, you are a solo traveler in the company of other Girl Let's Go Travelers so you can be as involved or self-engorged as you'd like.  You're not bound to any pre-set itineraries or meetups but if you want to strike up a conversation or link up with solo travelers, just look for the subtle indicators that they're apart of the Girl Let's Go (included in your swag bag). When it comes to your in-destination experience, our agents can assist with customizing your package to include  excursions, dinners, room deliveries, parties etc. 

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​​These are our domestic rendezvous that visit the gems right here in the USA. They are generally quick-turnaround weekend trips with loads of fun. Mix and mingle, hit the city, and try new things! These trips may include any combination of trains, planes, boats, motercoach, scooters and other transportation modes. Ride with us or meet us in the city! Some Escapades occur BEFORE or AFTER other Girl Let's Go Trips, allowing you to tap into the vibe of our travelers. 


Our Bro Let’s Go travel gang are special guests accompanying our their ladies on a trip or travelers from past trips who love our service. For whatever reason they book with us, they understand the focus on our trips and reasons for choosing our services, they appreciate the female-centric focus of our trips and activities, allowing them the freedom to pursue their interests as well.

Can Men Travel Too?

How We Roll
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