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The Full 4-11

Cruise Cabins

It's more to it than picking a interior, ocean view or balcony cabin. There are so many cabins designed for your specific needs in mind. If you're interested in any of these cabin types, fill out the form to have your agent go over your options with you and or send you a quote. Keep in mind these cabin types are a limited quantity on the ship and can only be reserved with a deposit. We will check availability and send you a quote good for 48hrs, inclusive of any deals or promotions that are currently running.

Solo Cruiser 3.png

Solo Cruising

When one guest occupies a double occupancy cabin, s/he is responsible for paying for the entire cabin, whereas double occupancy guests get the luxury of splitting the cost. Double occupancy guests also have to deal with their travel companion flaking out or never joining the trip, their living and hygiene habits,, their opinion in almost everything they do on the trip etc, 

Don't let not having a roommate stop you from getting registered and going on the trip. We may book as strangers but we travel like family.


If you absolutely want a roommate, list your cabin availability in our trip classifieds once you reach 50% of your invoice and pair with someone who is as equally vested as you.

Triple, Quad & Quint Cabins

Considering you're not getting a bigger cabin, you're simply dividing the space with others using cots, bunk bed units, pull out couches and roller beds, triple, quad and quint cabins were designed with adults traveling with minor children in mind.

Often cruisers cram themselves in these cabins to save a few dollars on cost, but keep in mind what traveling with 4 or 5 adults with a week's worth of luggage, many different hygiene habits sharing a 160 square foot interior cabin is like! Not to mention making sure everyone joins, pays and goes on the trip! In our professional experience working with travelers, we recommend adults leave these cabins to families traveling with kids. If you really want to cruise in the same cabin with your friends, consider a suite!

Since the 3rd, 4th, and 5th guests are not considered full fare guests because they typically pay a lower rate, they do not receive on board credit perks and amenities that are extended to the 1st and 2nd guest. 

carnival quad cabin.jpg
family cabin family horbor.jpg

Family & Spa Cabins

Unlike regular staterooms, family cabins are designed with you and the little ones in mind. They offer a spacious layout with a variation of amenities. In some cases you could have 2 restrooms, additional closet space, access to a lounge or special area and partitions for privacy.

Spa Cabins

Spa Cabins not only offer an uplifting décor, they are an extension of the spa itself, bringing the feeling of zen and relaxation right to your room. Some include special in-cabin amenities, proximity to the onboard spa and often, bonus privileges in the spa. Catch the right deal and you might even get additional perks like exclusive dining or complimentary beverage packages.

carnival suite mardi gras.jpg


More than just an immaculately decked out, super spacious elegantly designed room, suites come with perks for those living lavishly on their cruise. From priority express check in and express boarding to free laundry, bath robes, access to special areas on the ship, and if you catch the right promotion, drink packages, dedicated concierge phone line and on demand movies to express disembarkation privileges... If you value the extra space, the separate sleeping and living areas and the extra perks, then an upgrade to a suite on your cruise can be well worth it. 

Wheelchair Accessible & Ambulatory Cabins

Carnival ships have specially designed staterooms for guests using wheelchairs, or those who have mobility limitations and could benefit from the features of an accessible stateroom. They also cater to all types of medical needs while on board the cruise. To view the full menu of these cabin types and services CLICK HERE.

Once your cabin is booked, you agent will send you a questionnaire (as required by the cruise line) to validate your needs. Without it, Carnival has the right to move you to another cabin if another passenger needs this cabin for their verified needs.

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