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Specialty Cabin Request


SPECIALTY CABINS are a limited quantity on the ship. Therefore, they can only be guaranteed on a DEPOSIT ONLY BASIS. 

In order for us to reserve a cabin for you we MUST:

  1. Check Availability of the requested cabin

  2. Get "today's rate" with current promotions and specials

  3. Present you with the rate and availability

  4. Collect the deposit and guarantee your cabin


"Normal" deposits for (without promotions are as follows:)

  • 3-4 Day Cruises & Smaller Ships - $100-$150 per person

  • 5+  Day Cruises & Larger/Newer Ships- $250-500 per person


Carnival currently has a stream of half-off deposit and returning cruiser promotions running! We will ALWAYS check to see which promotions are available to you. 


Lead Guest Info

Enter ALL guest information exactly as it is on your State Issued ID Card or Birth Certificate

Cruise Reward Status
quad quint cabin carnival.jpg

Triple, Quad & Quint Cabins

We hold Solo and Double Occupancy Cabins within our group inventory and provide them to you for $12.50 per person. Cabins that can be converted to occupy 3, 4 and 5 guests are a LIMITED quantity on the ship and can only be priced and guaranteed with a deposit. Deposits range from $50-100 per person on (3-4 day cruises) - $250 per person on 5+ day cruises. Carnival is currently running 50% OFF REDUCED DEPOSIT SPECIALS. You may register for the cruise and make payments to satisfy the deposit over time, but it is best to pay this ASAP to ensure your requested cabin does not sell out.


To give you an estimate on pricing, Guest 1 and 2 are USUALLY priced at our double occupancy rate (listed on the info page of the cruise). With Taxes & Port Fees, the "AVERAGE" cost of the 3, 4, and 5th guest is usually around $350↑ per person. Sometimes more/less depending on the promotion.

If you move forward with your booking the $12.50 per person registration fee will be added to your invoice and due upon receipt.

Cabin Selection

Your room layout, interior and décor may differ. Images above are used for illustrative purposes only. Cabins with 3, 4, 5 guests are recommended for adults sailing with minor children; bedding may include trundle beds, bunk units, sofa beds etc. 3rd, 4th and 5th guests do not receive on board credits or amenities assigned to the cabin.
Port Hole
Ocean View
Upper Lower

Make it Make Sense...

Check As Many That Apply (ex: Wheelchair accessible balcony cabin)
Special Requests

Additional Billing


Travel Protection

Your room steward serves as your cabin attendant. He or she will visit your room at least once a day (or upon request) to make your bed, take out the trash, replenish your towels, take away used glasses or room service trays and do other basic cleaning chores. You can pay your gratuities as part of your invoicing now, or Carnival will place a hold on your debit/credit card when you board the ship and charge you before leaving the ship. Which do you prefer?


Travel protection / Travel insurance provide policies for the purposes of compensating the traveler in the event you need to cancel your trip or a situation arises such as: trip interruption, emergency medical assistance, medivac services, lost or damaged luggage and more. Travel Insurance is optional but highly recommended. Travel insurance must be paid with the deposit in order to become "active." Price Range is $49-$149 per person.

When we send your invoice, how do you want to be invoiced?
Please allow 24hrs to receive your quote. No cabin, price or availability can be guaranteed until the deposit is received.
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