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10 Facts about Santorini That Will Make You Visit This Summer

10. The Surroundings

Santorini is surrounded by several beautiful islands with equally marvelous splendor. If you think you want to experience something different, picturesque destinations such as Naxos, Milos, and Ios should be your next stop. You can also enjoy Mykonos’ infamous party haven about 150km away from Santorini.

9. Photography

If you are a budding photographer, you might want to take advantage of Santorini. This is because it would provide you with the will to become a pro. In fact, you can see that the whole island can be comparable to a living postcard.

8. A Volcanic Rock

You might not know this, but the fact about Santorini’s existence could be traced back from the Minoan Eruption. After this huge volcanic eruption in earth’s history, Santorini and its surrounding islands have come to exist. The leftover bits of the explosion formed the islands including Santorini.

7. Secret Hot Springs

This might not entirely be a secret in consideration of the volcanic rock that formed the island. However, the hot springs around Santorini are not that well-known in contrast to the ones in Iceland. Once the color and temperature of the water change as you swim, you would know that you are already in the island’s hot springs.

6. Volcanic Landscape Makes Local Wine Taste Better

It has been discovered that the volcanic landscape of Santorini offers an interesting place for agriculture. In fact, the wine produce here tastes unique because of its unique land formation. Its land is called ‘aspa’, made from volcanic ash, pieces of solidified stone and lava, and pumice stone.

5. Friendly People

The island of Santorini is noted for its friendly atmosphere. Although this could be attributed to tourism as their main source of income, their subtlety would entail sincerity and cordiality. You wouldn’t even have to worry when traveling alone because the people on the island speak English well.

4. Rich History

The island is not only full of treats for tourists. In fact, it provides a great history that should keep you busy for days. The small island of Santorini can boast of an amazing array of well-preserved bits and pieces in the days of old.

3. Unlimited Supply of Local Produce

The people who have come to Santorini can really attest to this fact. The island has a steady supply of seafood and fresh fish. Thanks to its volcanic soil, the food here becomes more delicious. You can also try their sweet grapes and the local fava beans.

2. Budget-Friendly

If you are living on a budget, visiting Santorini in the summer might not be as challenging as you would think it is. Even if the place is home to the most luxurious hotels, there are other options such as hostels with beds priced at 10 Euros.

1. Stunning Beaches

The romantic ambience of Santorini is filled with stunning beaches that range from organized strips to wild plains of scorching black sand. Even if you hate crowded places, the island of Santorini makes you think otherwise. The beaches here make you feel pampered, with great food and house wine, nothing can go wrong.

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