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Congratulations on Your New Booking! 

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Complete this form once you've collected the final payment on your booking.
Bounties are typically paid on the 15th of the month AFTER your client has travelled.
(Ex: Client Travels in May, the earliest you may receive your bounty is June 15th.)
Commission Bounty

Don't forget to log any net partially paid bookings on this form.

Booking Type
How was the client/trip obtained?
Cruise - Group WorkUp
LandAir - Group WorkUp

I understand bookings must be made under my registered pro email to be eligible for payout. GA Agents (use email) - SA/FA (use the email you registered your pro account with Girl Let's Go with.) Bookings initiated while in inactive status, terminated or departed from the company are property of Girl Let's Go, LLC and will not pay out to the agent/contractor. If an agent/contractor departs from Girl Let's Go, LLC and has bookings that will pay out at a later date, a housing fee of $10 per month will be deducted from the commissionable payout from the date of the booking and the commission will bounty at 50% commission. Anytime a commission is received, Girl Let's Go, LLC will deduct any and all fees owed to Girl Lets Go, Clients or Vendor before settling the bounty with the agent. If the booking number changes for any-reason I will update the booking log accordingly. Commissions received for un-logged bookings will be penalized a $14.99 admin fee per booking. This includes bookings that were not updated with new booking numbers. If an agent books on a trip at the agent's (net rate) and later departs from the company, the gross amount for the trip will be due if the balance was not paid in full before the agent's emailed notice of departure from the company. Furthermore, Girl Let's Go reserves the right to cancel any booking that is paid to the net rate without Prior Authorizations. Paying bookings to net is strictly prohibited and any booking paid to net that does not have an approved prior authorization agent will be required to remit Girl Let's Go contractual percentage before any funds are credited to the agent.  CLICK HERE IF YOU NEED A PRIOR AUTHORIZATION. Bounties capture bookings that departed from the 1st to the last day of the previous month. So, if your client departed Aug. 10, 2023, you can be paid as early as the September Bounty Run but up to 90 days AFTER the date of departure of the trip. Girl Let's Go, LLC reserves the right to reclaim or take over any booking(s) where the performance or action of the contractor is unethical, illegal or violates the Doing Business As Contract of signed by the agent - in this case, the agent will be notified or terminated and the commissionable payout for the booking will be zero ($0.00). For full booking terms and conditions, refer to your signed DBAC (Doing Business As) Contract with Girl Let's Go.

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