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Prior Authorization

Extended Agent Benefits & Net Booking Requests

The use of Girl Let's Go's credentials to book trips is for business purposes only. Everyone should be in this business to make money, so you should not be booking to net unless it is for yourself, your spouse or your children. We understand situations occur where a booking may need to paid to net. This form helps us track those circumstances. 

So Listen Up...

If you are extending net rate to your IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS (Spouse & Children) just document it below and we will not deduct anything from your bounty. This is an Approved Prior Authorization.


Failure to bill to the gross rate will result in Girl Let's Go redeeming our contractual portion of the commission payout which will result in you owing us for that deficit.


Example: You are an agent with a 25% contract  with Girl Let's Go.  You book an $850 trip and collect $700. The commission payout would have been $150 and Girl Let's go would collect $37.50. Since you billed to net, there was no commission paid out, therefore, we will deduct, bill or withhold this amount from any current or future payouts.

Let's Go!

Provide a Lead Passenger First, add any additional travelers who are traveling on this same trip (Same Dates)

Was GLG's Commisson Included in th pice billed to the traveler?

If not, no worries, we will deduct it from the bounty payout. Thank you.

Alright, We Got It. Thank You!

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