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Golden Tickets for Agents

Specialty, Activities, Excursions

Golden Tickets gives you access to tickets that are no longer available at the box office! Because we specialize in premium seating, our tickets are sold at above the face value. Golden Tickets has been professionally providing our services to fans and corporations since 1988. Golden Tickets does NOT do amusement park tickets.

APPLIED - No Registration Required! IF YOU DO NOT USE THE LINK PROVIDED YOU WILL NOT BE PAID COMMISSION!! DO NOT GIVE THE AGENT WEBSITE TO YOUR CLIENTS TO BOOK THEMSELVES!! Do NOT use or google search for them! You will NOT be paid commission if you book on the wrong site. Golden tickets does NOT do amusement park tickets only Box office Event tickets Sports and Concerts and Sports Packages. *** You may register for the Affiliate Program and they will create a sub-domain for you to put on your Facebook page, email signature, or if you have your own website outside of the Girl Let's Go/ PTM Booking Portal. When you sign up you will need to be sure to give them OUR CREDENTIALS and your agent ID number.





Up to 10%

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