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Selecting the right Hotel or Resort

Do Star Ratings Really Matter?

One common mistake made by travelers is discrediting a hotel or resort solely based on its star rating. To a certain degree, star ratings help us characterize a particular property, but giving it significant weight to your decision-making process could mean that you pass up, or pay more for a great resort for all the wrong reasons. Here are a few reasons why:

The Star Classification System is Very Broad

One reason for this is that living standards and classifications differ across the globe. For instance, the class status, or ratings acceptable by Thai standards may not be the same as those in the U.A.E. In Dubai, you can find up to seven-star rating systems as well as Diamond-rated how might their 5-star compare to others? Good Question and your guess are as good as ours!

Ratings Can Differ From Source to Source

Some sites include a public opinion as a foundation for rating, which can be a double edge sword. Oddly enough, sometimes trying to get a customer to leave a review when they're 100% satisfied can be like pulling teeth, but an angry customer will leave one before they lay their head down at night and even complain about the oxygen level if they had a coughing fit during their experience! Not to mention, reviews can be relative. For instance, the person writing a review about a cheap hotel could actually be the CEO of a company who owns his own private jet and is used to butler service and gold-plated toilet seats while someone else may write a very pleasant review never once mentioning the word cheap.

Here's our opinion of a fair rating system, that most people can apply to their lifestyles.

5 Things Tips Help You Choose

  1. Start traveling more. You can skip over a few categories by simply assessing yourself. There’s no use paying for a five-star fitness resort if you prefer hiking down the hills and enjoying the fresh air. Likewise, if you're the type of person who vacations to reward themselves with the upper lap of luxury, butler service, pristine living conditions, gourmet meals, lavish rooms, the finest wines... and the thread count of your sheets really make a difference to you - a two star resort offering minimal accommodations is out of the question.

  2. Begin by evaluating your budget. The goal is to get the most value for the price you're willing to pay. regardless of the hotel or class rating.

  3. Next, filter your search amenities. Make sure you are seeking amenities you genuinely need, and while doing that, take note of the hotel chains and the vibes they deliver; rating systems alone do not account for the courtesy or friendliness of the staff.

  4. Consider what you'll be doing when you get to your destination. How close do you want to be to an airport, public transportation, meeting venue, or hotspot? In doing so, try not to pay too much attention to the star rating.

  5. Start taking note. Write down what you liked and disliked about your last hotel/resort experience and use that to make your next reservation.

Think about this, if there were so bad, no one would be booking them, and they’d be out of business. So, your question shouldn't be about whether they are in demand for the right quest. You should ask – are they right for me?

Let us help you with that!

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