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No Kids, No Kidding! Adults Only Cruise Ship - Sign Up for More Info NOW!!!

Girl Let's Go Travel Club is raving about this NEW Adults ONLY CRUISE SHIP and we have set up a watch party for those of you who want to know when the ships will set sail and what adult groups we'll have booked. To join the watch party and get notified click here. .


Virgin Mobile, Virgin Airlines now Virgin Voyages by Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galantic announced that their inaugural cruise ship would set sail for the Caribbean in 2020. The “Scarlet Lady,” has social media in a viral frenzy after realizing the boat will only board travelers who are 18 and up. To go with that, you can look forward to grown-up on-board amenities like a tattoo parlor, luxurious spa, blow-dry bar and ability to be "naughty or nice" while eating from a plant-based vegetarian, vegan or meat-ful menus along with a food hall, 24-hour diner, a pizza joint and a test kitchen, where daring guests will each be provided with only a list of ingredients, and the chef surprises them with a dish based on their list. (Okay, wait! I want to do that!)


If this sounds like a ship full of lots of adult fun, you're right, but there are plenty of places to relax as well. Enjoy the hydrotherapy pool, mud room, salt room, cold plunge pools, quartz beds, and rejuvenating spa treatments just to name a few. At night, sailors can attend one of the voyage’s evening spa parties where a DJ will transform the spa’s thermal suite into a mermaid hideaway.


Yep, we said it. Enjoy the athletic center while on board. Its outdoor training zone is complete with a boxing ring and gymnastics equipment.  Alongside an area for outdoor gaming, sits the largest daybed at sea, and a sports bar for a post-workout drink. Guests can also partake in yoga or cycling classes.

Wake restaurant


Cabins are more like a Rock Star's Retreat opposed to your typical box. “With these glamorous suites, Virgin Voyages is bringing rock and roll to the high seas and spoiling our Sailors like the rockstars they are,” Branson says.

Tattoo Parlor


Girl Let's Go plans to offer its customers the opportunity to book as individuals or groups. To be added to the watch party for Virgin Voyages JUST CLICK HERE

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