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Increase Your Travel-ability!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

I've learned quite a lot transitioning from traveler to agent. And, lucky for you I'm glad to share some information with you to help you turn those stay-cations into vacations with passport stamps and memories that you have a hard time to find the words to describe. First thing I want to do is steer you away from some common mistakes. So, let's jump right in...shall we?

We get a lot of anxious travelers requesting quotes for trips they're dead set on enjoying only to find that the time and expense factors don't really line up. Only you know your financial situation, but if your bank accounts aren't set up to pay your travel plans in full here are some things that you should consider:

That Final Payment Date Means A Lot!

  1. Most cruise and destination resorts require all reservations be paid in full 60-90 days prior to arrival. Therefore, if you're planning a trip in January with a September departure date, you can assume that all funds for that trip need to be paid by June. This means, if you're booking a $3000 trip, you have about 6 months to pay it off which would equate to about $500 a month.

Again, this is fine if your financial situation is anchored that way. In fact, you can find some pretty awesome deals within the 60-90 day departure window as long as you're willing to pay in full at the time of booking. But, if not...My recommendation - knowing this rule of thumb, it's probably best that you plan your high dollar trips a full 12-18 months in advance, giving you ample time to make low-affordable monthly payments.

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