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No Matter Where A Trip Is Booked

Did You Know...

Taking Notes

There is a commission built into the price!

That Means:

  • If you book through a travel agent, he or she makes the commission.

  • If you book on a travel site, like Expedia or Hotwire they make the commission.

  • If you book direct with a hotel, cruise, concert or airline they keeps the commission.

Becoming a Travel Professions, allows you to route that commission to your bank account, not theirs! 

When you choose to become a travel professional, you're not competing against major companies, YOUR'RE WORKING WITH THEM. You're an integral contributor to their business operations, a highly trusted industry professional to whom them value, support and reward handsomely. One of the best parts about it is, the perks and advantages don't end there! From acquiring the ability to travel more, pay less to writing it all off on your taxes, to supplementing your income and living the life of your dreams, becoming a travel professional is a self-serving super power that everyone should have!


Our Professional Travel Manager's Course Delivers

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Technology &




Knowledge & Experience



Industry Recognition & Knowledge



Training &




Sales & Marketing Support

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     Girl Let's Go University was been designed to give aspiring travel professionals the requisite understanding, knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in the industry.  Since it's impossible to teach you everything about the whole world, this 100% online course outline takes you on a journey from trainee, to mentee to professional, while also covering essential topics, such as how to arrange all modes of transportation for travel, how to book hotels and resorts,  secure contracts with vendor and suppliers, how to recommend popular tourist destinations, and the different paths to take as you explore specialties, niche markets and rewarding opportunities that the industry has to offer.


Laced with both theoretical and practical instruction, quizzes, online meetings, discussion questions, live professionals and subject matter experts; our three-phase approach stretches over a period of 90 days. Your first month, a self-paced online training where you earn your Certificate and booking credentials, followed by a month to legitimize your business with your state, banks, and federal levels, followed by an a month of mentorship and supportive assistance.  This no rush approach allows you time to hear, absorb apply and perform with the greatest level of confidence and understanding. When you understand that competence and expertise in the industry is acquired over time, there is no need to rush any part of the learning process. We are here to provide you with a solid foundation to have the absolute best launching pad for success!

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