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Each Traveler Must Fill Out This Form for Themselves 

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When traveling, a "valid passport" means it does not expire 6months AFTER your travel dates. Ex: If your trip is in Jan 2022 and your passport expires in May 2022, it is not valid for the trip. You must obtain and provide Girl Let's Go with a valid passport no later than 90 days prior to your trip or you will be removed from the booking.

Passport Status


All prices displayed on our website are PER PERSON RATES and are based on two people occupying the room. We cannot reserve your room with one person's deposit. You must have your roommate register as soon as possible to reserve the room OR satisfy the full deposit for the room. (If the deposit is $50 per person, you would pay $100 if you don't have a roommate)

Solo Occupant = Does not have a roommate by final payment

Double Occupancy = Two will occupy the room

If you do not have a roommate by final payment OR your roommate fails to pay their invoice you will be billed at the solo occupant rate as mandated by the resort because they loose money when one person occupies a double capacity room. 

How Do You Want to Be Billed

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Travel Protection

Travel protection / Travel insurance provide policies for the purposes of compensating the traveler in the event you need to cancel your trip or a situation arises such as: trip interruption, emergency medical assistance, medivac services, lost or damaged luggage and more. Just like car insurance, travelers should purchase a policy that best fits their "DESIRED LEVEL OF COVERAGE" and budget. Some policies are only available to travelers within 7-10 days of making your deposit. You may still purchase policies after this timeframe, but your coverage options may be limited.  

Terms & Conditions

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