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Aaah, Change!

Your "REQUEST" may constitute change or cancellation fees as assessed by the vendor or supplier.  Please READ and COMPLETE this form.  To assist the process, we suggest you contact ALL personnel associated with your request so they are expecting communication from us and reply expeditiously.

Trip/Cabin/Reservation Add Request

This form is used when you want to be added to a room or cabin that someone else has already reserved. Please watch your email for communication from We will email you a quote or proposal with TIME SENSITIVE instructions on how to move forward.

Your Information

Which trip are you currently booked on?

What change are you requesting? If your request impacts another party (Such as moving into someone else's room) you MUST include their name (not sister, brother aunt etc.) We will update ALL parties on the reservation with any price differences that affect them. If any party objects to the move your request will not be honored. 

The Process - 

Initiating a Change Request is not always a quick process. It sometimes requires that we contact several entities to check pricing, terms, conditions, fees, availability and at least 24hrs to allow those effected by your change request to respond to your request. The standard admin fee to complete this change is $9.99 which will be billed to the person filling out this form. Some changes may constitute additional fees or deposits by the vendor or supplier that affects just you OR all guests on the reservation. All guests will receive notice if their invoice will affected and have the opportunity to reject your request.

The total process may take up to 3-5 business days to complete but may be completed sooner. Please remember that third, fourth and fifth guests in a room or cabin may be accommodated with roll out beds, sofa beds or shared beds. On cruises, the third, fourth and fifth guests in the cabin do NOT receive onboard credits or perks per the cruise line policy and may change the rate code, terms and conditions of of the booking.

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