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We're sorry you have to cancel, but understand life happens and pray that you are okay.  Completing this form Officially Cancels you from your Girl Let's Go Trip. After completing this form you may file your insurance claim if you purchased one. Unless you are paying for other guests on your invoice, you can only cancel yourself. You cannot cancel someone else from a trip.

Trip Cancellation Form
Who Do We Need To Cancel
  • If you purchased travel protection, in addition to completing this form you will also need to contact your travel insurance provider directly to comply with their cancellation policy, procedures and deadlines.

      • If you purchased travel protection through Girl Let's Go Affiliate Partners please contact the number on your policy purchase confirmation. We do not have information on your policy provider.

      • If you purchased a standard policy offered from the cruise line - if you are a part of a group booking, your policy is not active until you have paid in enough to cover the cost of the insurance policy. For instance if all you made was $30 in payments and the insurance policy is $49, you do not have an active policy yet.

      • If you made an individual cruise booking (not within a group) your policy is active. To file a claim visit:

  • If you did not purchase travel protection, we regret that you're not able to attend and are sorry for your loss, however as stated during registration travel protection is optional but highly recommended. Not purchasing travel protection leaves you with no way to recoup your investment in the event of cancellation. Please note that disputing charges claiming that you did not authorize transactions or did not know of our refund policy is a fradulent claim and we will provide doucmentation to your financial institution when they ask us to provide proof of your dispute. In the future, we suggest that you always get travel protection as you never know what the future may hold. Policies such as Cancel For Any Reason generally give you the widest range of coverage and we encourage you to consider it with your next trip.

  • If you are cancelling while traveling or within 48hrs of travel, please refer to the instructions and information within your travel documents as they will contain detailed information on what to do and who to contact. 

Girl Let's Go, LLC

Thanks for submitting!

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