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Ghana & Afrochella

8 Days

7 Nights

2 Per Room

Dec. 22-29 2023

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Your experience is what you make it. We've crafted an experience inclusive of ground transportation once you arrive in destination and laced the itinerary with visits to some of the most sought after traveler delights in each location with meals and entrance fees outlined where they are included. You are welcome to join us or opt out of the day's line-up and enjoy each destination on your own. We can even help you tailor the trip with things exclusively for you.

About the Trip

If you're looking for a meaningful yet exciting trip, consider your voyage to Ghana the trip of a lifetime. Not only will you uncover roots and African Heritage,  retracing the steps your forefathers were forced to make, gaining in−depth knowledge of what happened, and seeing firsthand the edifices and now silent monuments that remain to this day is an important part of your journey. Visiting ancient traditional communities to learn the foundations of your culture, on the flipside also experiencing modern-day Africa and seeing how this culture brings so much to the younger generation and the growth of the nation.but you'll also get a chance to experience AFROCHELLA!

Every December in Ghana we come together to celebrate, highlight, and elevate the thrilling and thriving African talent, culture, and arts at the annual Afrochella Festival in Accra.Afrochella is the opportunity to celebrate the culture, feel the music, delight in cuisine, and celebrate all Africans is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In 2019, Ghana commemorated the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first recorded enslaved Africans in the State of Virginia in the United States during “The Year of Return”. More people of African descent decided to take the journey to experience their heritage and we are passionate to work with you tocontinue this emotional reconnection, “Beyond the Return”. 

Our Afrochella homecoming vacations welcome you back home to the motherland, celebrating culture past and present focusing on the positive news from this exceptional region of Africa. An educative and enjoyable African Heritage experience showcasing your rich and colorful cultural identity that still lives on and plays a vital role in everyday life for your people. A traditional namingceremony will be arranged in your honor where you finally receive the true African name that you would have received from your ancestors. The name given to you is correct as it is connected to the day of the week you were born on so you can be confident in its authenticity. 

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