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Ghana & Afrochella

Dec. 22 - 29, 2023

8 Day African Heritage Tour

Alright Sis, So...

If you're looking for a meaningful yet exciting trip, consider your voyage to Ghana the trip of a lifetime. Not only will you uncover roots and African Heritage,  retracing the steps your forefathers were forced to make, gaining in−depth knowledge of what happened, and seeing firsthand the edifices and now silent monuments that remain to this day is an important part of your journey. Visiting ancient traditional communities to learn the foundations of your culture, on the flipside also experiencing modern-day Africa and seeing how this culture brings so much to the younger generation and the growth of the nation.but you'll also get a chance to experience AFROCHELLA!

Every December in Ghana we come together to celebrate, highlight, and elevate the thrilling and thriving African talent, culture, and arts at the annual Afrochella Festival in Accra.

Afrochella is the opportunity to celebrate the culture, feel the music, delight in cuisine, and celebrate all Africans is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In 2019, Ghana commemorated the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first recorded enslaved Africans in the State of Virginia in the United States during “The Year of Return”. More people of African descent decided to take the journey to experience their heritage and we are passionate to work with you to

continue this emotional reconnection, “Beyond the Return”. 

Our Afrochella homecoming vacations welcome you back home to the motherland, celebrating culture past and present focusing on the positive news from this exceptional region of Africa. An educative and enjoyable African Heritage experience showcasing your rich and colorful cultural identity that still lives on and plays a vital role in everyday life for your people. A traditional naming

ceremony will be arranged in your honor where you finally receive the true African name that you would have received from your ancestors. The name given to you is correct as it is connected to the day of the week you were born on so you can be confident in its authenticity. 


You'll find what I like to call the "Skinny" on this webpage, but click the link and download the detailed brochure for more in depth information about the trip. 

Entering Hotel Room
Enjoying Nature
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Here is the briefing of your visit to Ghana. Download in depth brochure for further details.

Day 1:

The excitement builds as you touch down in Ghana, you are finally here for the beginning of your 8−day African adventure. "Akwaaba" (Welcome!)  Enjoy an enchanting welcome dinner with live band, then off to experience a few cocktail bars as the perfect introduction to Ghana and Accra nightlife.

Day 2:

December 23, 2023 - DuBois Centre, Aburi Botanical Gardens, Craft Market, and Transfer to Kumasi.

Day 3: 

December 24, 2023 - Ancient Kente and Adinkra Villages, Ashanti Traditional House, Manhyia Palace, and Kejetia Market.

Day 4: 

December 25, 2023 - Assin Manso, Cape Coast Castle and Transfer to Elmina.

Day 5: 

December 26, 2023 - Kakum National Park, Traditional Naming Ceremony, and Celebratory Beach Party.

Day 6: 

December 27, 2023 - Beach Relaxation, Elmina Castle, and Transfer to Accra.

Day 7: 

December 28, 2023 - Cultural Centre, Accra Mall, Markets and Afrochella Festival.

Day 8:

December 29, 2023 - Black Star Gate, Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, James Town, and Departure.

Rates for additional nights will be quoted upon requests as pricing and availability is not static (is subject to change).


Here's the tea!


Passport Requirements
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Room Mates Vs Pricing

Rooms are priced based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY; meaning two people occupying one room. Example: If the cost of the room is $1,000.00, the we display is $500 per person.



Solo travelers do not get the luxury of paying half the cost of the room. If resorts/hotels did that, they would lose money by selling rooms at half cost! When a solo traveler occupies a room to themselves, they are assessed a solo traveler fee which varies from trip to trip. Visit the trip brochure for detailed info for your trip. ​

room occupancy.jpg


Registered guests have the option to list themselves in the cabin classifieds to pair with another registered guest once they have made settled 50% of their invoice. Girl Let's Go does NOT assist, vet or guarantee a match, but we do make this service available to our guests. You must have a cabin mate by final payment or you will be billed as a solo traveler. No exceptions.

Sh*t Happens Sis!

But don't you dare book this trip without getting travel protection! That's like buying a car and not getting car insurance.

Travel Insurance
Travel Protection (Travel Insurance) compensates you (the traveler) if things do not go as planned.
And the way your life is set up..... I wouldn't book a trip without it! Travel insurance can cover anything from This includes unforeseen circumstance to missed flights, lost luggage, accommodations in the event of disaster etc.


It's not so much about getting "a" policy, as it is about getting the "RIGHT" policy. Travelers should purchase a policy that best fits their desired level of coverage rather than choosing based on the cheapest price.


I'm glad you asked! Our insurance quotes are given based on YOUR personal data and desires. This includes, but is not limited to: the state that you reside in, your age, trip invoice and desired level of coverage. Take w minutes and enter your information and trip cost to get a FREE quote and acquire a policy from our partnerships at:  Here's the thing: You want to purchase your policy  within 7 days of registering for their trip to ensure you are presented with the widest range of coverage available. Policies purchased beyond this window may be limited in selection.



Girl Let's Go!

Making Payments

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Okay, Listen Up!

The rule of thumb is: "Plan Early &Pay Less." So, the longer you wait to get registered and start making payments, the less time you have to make comfortable payments. I know you might be waiting on what's her face to tell you she coming, but trust me sis....she ain't coming!


Now on this trip, they'll let you make a minimum payment of $150 per person each month after you get registered.  You know this is NOT going to pay off your trip, but it does allow you to hit the minimum when you need to and pay more when you got it! Oh, and if you get stuck somewhere in the process you can apply for financing and pay some (or the whole thing) off if you need to. They use Affirm, it works the same as when you shop at Amazon & Shein. Anyway, the most important thing is: 

That's all. Go ahead and hit that Registration Button and I'll see you on the trip!


Girl Let's Go!

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Catchy Paragraph as well 

Established in 2013, we bring the world’s most sought after destinations and trips by providing you with pre and post travel services for both individual and group travelers. We excel in providing low-affordable monthly payments and taking the headache out of coordinating the big and little things so you don’t have to!  In some cases, financing is available.

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