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MSC Cruises


Elegant, understated decor, first-class Mediterranean hospitality and international cuisine. MSC Cruises features distinctive itineraries in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Caribbean, the French Antilles, South America, South Africa, The United Arab Emirates and the Red Sea.

Agent will need to register by using the "New user signup" link on the travel agent sign on page. Agent will need to use OUR CREDENTIALS and YOUR OWN PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL to establish your account. Use all of your own personal info when filling out the form. Agency Name would be Girl Lets Go. We are a Host agency so you can list it as such. To sign into the Online Booking Engine once we have added you the Code Agency. Then use your username and password that we provided to you. Please post the individual booking numbers when booking a group. MSC pays to each individual booking as opposed to the group number.





up to 13%

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