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WooSaah Escape

Aug. 23-27, 2023

Costa Mujeres, Mexico

Alright Sis, So...

Woohsaaah, at the Aduts Only TRS Coral Resort in Costa Mujeres, Mexico.  This FIVE STAR resort spells "Escape" with  21 bars, 5 pools, Daily Activities, Nightly Entertainment, Water Sports, Live Shows Yoga, Zumba and... I guess I coulda' just stopped at the 21 bars, huh?

Girl Let's Go "ESCAPES" are an open call for trips and treats! Book your trips with us and we treat you like Royalty. Simple. 

If the dates work for you, join us! You can do your own thang or hang with some of our other travelers booked on the same dates. Either way, your booking comes with a Professional Travel Manager providing concierge service for your trip. Want to sky dive while in destination, no problem.  Want to add a special dinner or surpise proposal? We got you! 


"Escapes" do not inlcude airfare. Travelers may elect to book their own flight or have the concierge add the flight to their reservation.