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Homecoming - Ghana (COMING SOON)

8 Days

9 Nights

2 Per Room

Oct. 16 2024

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Your experience is what you make it. We've crafted an experience inclusive of ground transportation once you arrive in destination and laced the itinerary with visits to some of the most sought after traveler delights in each location with meals and entrance fees outlined where they are included. You are welcome to join us or opt out of the day's line-up and enjoy each destination on your own. We can even help you tailor the trip with things exclusively for you.

About the Trip

Our homecoming visit to Ghana welcomes you back home to the motherland, celebrating culture past and present focusing on the positive news from this exceptional region of Africa. It's an educative and enjoyable African Heritage experience showcasing your rich and colorful cultural identity that still lives on and plays a vital role in everyday life for your people. Not only will you uncover roots and African Heritage,  retracing the steps your forefathers were forced to make, gaining in−depth knowledge of what happened, but you'll also seeing firsthand the edifices and now silent monuments that remain to this day is an important part of your journey. You'll be visiting ancient traditional communities to learn the foundations of your culture including taking part in a traditional naming ceremony where you'll receive the true African name that you would have received from your ancestors. Oh, but that's not all. Our itinerary is laced with all types of surprises and lifechanging moments. 

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Thai Cuisine
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Asian Landscape
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Monks in Thailand
Deep jungles of North Thailand
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