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Her Majesty Mansion

Mar 23-27, 2023

Gatlinburg, TN

Alright Sis, So...

Hello Queen,

The “Her Majesty Mansion” Retreat is an open call for women of all walks of life who could use a weekend to renew themselves, fix their crown and connect with a Circle of Sisters for the next part of their journey. This event is hosted by the Good Vibes Guru Shantel Dennis, a Certified Holistic Practitioner of Health Wellness and Travel, along with her Sacred SiSTARs in collaboration with Girl Let’s Go, LLC. All attendees are in for a mind-body-soul and spirit experience that will be talked about for years to come. This will be an experience you will not forget!


Queens looking to start or further their journey of self-discovery while cultivating your divine feminine energy with like-minded women in pursuit of the same.


The positive Synergy birthed through our celebrations of life, sharing of journeys, empowering each other and living life with laughter is just the right spark to fan your flame!  So, leave your war-paint at home, let your hair down,  and  be authentically YOU!

Your stay at Her Majesty Mansion will include a cohort of events, workshops and engagements designed to nourish, enrich, uplift and inspire. Prepare to leave the retreat with a renewed spirit, deeper self-connection, tools to implement living your best life out loud with a SiStarhood of support for the next phase of your journey.

  • Registration $50

  • Price: $451.50

  • Full Balance Due: Mar. 1, 2023

Space is VERY limited. First registered first reserved.


You'll find what I like to call the "Skinny" on this webpage, but click the link and download the detailed brochure for more in depth information about the trip. 

Entering Hotel Room
Enjoying Nature
romantic beach dinner.jpg


  • 4 Nigths of Jam Packed Days of Contagious Fun

  • 14 Room Mansion with private bath and balccony

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Light Snacks

  • All inclusive Mansion Taxes  & Fees 

  • Round Trip Shuttle Svc available upon request ($)

  • Private Welcome Reception 

  • Queens Departure Banquet

  • Satin Slumber Party

  • Sound Bath 

  • Self Care Workshops

  • Cooking Sessions 

  • Firepit Fellowship

  • Game  & Movie Night

  • Talent Show & Open Mic

  • Bliss & Sacred Circle Reflections

  • Queendom  Keepsakes

  • Custom Apparel

  • Organized Events & Leisure Time

  • MoYo, Meditation and Fit Sessions

  • Professional photography and Queens Throne 

  • Special giveaways, perks, incentives

  • Trust that there's more!  Details given to registered guests only...


Here's the tea!


Passport Requirements
passport book.png
Room Mates Vs Pricing

Rooms are priced based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY; meaning two people occupying one room. Example: If the cost of the room is $1,000.00, the we display is $500 per person.



Solo travelers do not get the luxury of paying half the cost of the room. If resorts/hotels did that, they would lose money by selling rooms at half cost! When a solo traveler occupies a room to themselves, they are assessed a solo traveler fee which varies from trip to trip. Visit the trip brochure for detailed info for your trip. ​

room occupancy.jpg


Registered guests have the option to list themselves in the cabin classifieds to pair with another registered guest once they have made settled 50% of their invoice. Girl Let's Go does NOT assist, vet or guarantee a match, but we do make this service available to our guests. You must have a cabin mate by final payment or you will be billed as a solo traveler. No exceptions.

Sh*t Happens Sis!

But don't you dare book this trip without getting travel protection! That's like buying a car and not getting car insurance.

Travel Insurance
Travel Protection (Travel Insurance) compensates you (the traveler) if things do not go as planned.
And the way your life is set up..... I wouldn't book a trip without it! Travel insurance can cover anything from This includes unforeseen circumstance to missed flights, lost luggage, accommodations in the event of disaster etc.


It's not so much about getting "a" policy, as it is about getting the "RIGHT" policy. Travelers should purchase a policy that best fits their desired level of coverage rather than choosing based on the cheapest price.


I'm glad you asked! Our insurance quotes are given based on YOUR personal data and desires. This includes, but is not limited to: the state that you reside in, your age, trip invoice and desired level of coverage. Take w minutes and enter your information and trip cost to get a FREE quote and acquire a policy from our partnerships at:  Here's the thing: You want to purchase your policy  within 7 days of registering for their trip to ensure you are presented with the widest range of coverage available. Policies purchased beyond this window may be limited in selection.



Girl Let's Go!

Making Payments

couple on computer.jpg

Okay, Listen Up!

The rule of thumb is: "Plan Early &Pay Less." So, the longer you wait to get registered and start making payments, the less time you have to make comfortable payments. I know you might be waiting on what's her face to tell you she coming, but trust me sis....she ain't coming!


Now on this trip, they'll let you make a minimum payment of $150 per person each month after you get registered.  You know this is NOT going to pay off your tri