Best of Both Worlds

Oct. 06- 17, 2023

Dubai & Bali


This is a guided multi-city tour. We will sample two countries while discovering some of the most iconic monuments in each destination. Entry fees and admissions are covered, exclusive events have been planned all while leaving you leisure time on your own so you can cure that insatiable wanderlust inside of you. Join us as we leave our beach side cabanas and engage in cultural experiences, get up close and personal with the wild life, explore man-made creations and unveil the Beauty N' The East..


  • Optional Roundtrip Flights (TBA)

  • Private Airport Welcome

  • Shuttle Service to Hotel

  • Five Star Accommodations

  • GoGirl & English Speaking Tour Guide

  • Daily Breakfast; Select Lunch & Dinner

  • Nice to Sea You Dinner Cruise

  • Dubai City Tour

  • Aah' Souki Souki Now! - Shopping

  • Burj Khalifa's 124th floor (Tallest building in the world)

  • Royal Desert Retreat Dinner

  • Grand Mosque Experience

  • Say'high Dinner in the Sky

  • Flight from Dubai to Bali

  • Sumatran Elephant Safari

  • Monkey Forest

  • Balinesian Cooking Class

  • eBike Cycling tour

  • 90 min Cocoa Therapy & Balinese Massage

  • Relax & Rejuvination Flower Bath

  • Ayung River Rafting Excursion

  • Bali Swing

  • Starlit Harbor Party

  • Leisure & Exploration time in each destination

  • Beauty N' The East Swag Bag & Apparel

  • Girl Let's Go's Blend In Language & Culture Course

  • Further details are released to registered travelers only

To preserve the element of surprise and exclusivity to our guests, some events have intentionally been left out from the brochure. An official day-to-day itinerary will be sent to registered travelers only, no later than 60-90 days before the trip. Detail listed in the brochure are subject to change to reflect situations and circumstances that may be beyond our control; in that event the official itinerary will reflect the modified changes and will be emailed to registered guests.

We will be posting content showcasing our journey to Dubai and Bali on our social media pages, get connected and stay tuned:



Couple in Hotel Room
Honeymoon Suite

Opulent mosques and palaces, colorful geometric tiles, and the smell of fleur d’orange are just some of the things that come to mind when describing the magical North African country of Morocco. With its bustling medinas and the awe of the Sahara, nothing comes close to preparing you for the beauty of this amazing country than actually being there.


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Couple in Hotel Room

Burj Khalifa

Couple in Hotel Room
Deluxe Room

This is an amazing room. It is on 124th floor. Your mind might actually blow away.


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Couple in Hotel Room



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  • Gratuities for Driver, Tour Guide, Waitresses or Waiter

  • Spa treatments or spa packages that are not listed

  • Travel Insurance (is optional but highly recommended)

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  • Gratuities for Waiters/waitress (suggested $2 per person)

  • Items of a personal nature

  • Meals except where they are provided in the itinerary

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Tourist visa, payable upon entry into destination (approx. $40)

  • Transportation to and from excursions that are not listed in itinerary

  • Early or late check-in/check-out. Pricing given upon request


  • Traveling abroad requires a passport valid for six months beyond travel dates. If your passport expires during this time you will not be permitted to enter the destination(s).

  • All prices are based on the rates of exchange in effect at the time of price quotation. In the event that the US dollar devalues, Girl Let's Go, LLC reserves the right to increase prices accordingly. Your final invoice will reflect increases resulting from currency devaluation.

  • We offer roommate matching for this tour. When making your reservations please select “double occupancy” and when asked for your roommate’s name please enter “request roommate match”. Roommates will not be matched until after 50% of your reservation total has been made.

  • Due to the everchanging environment and publications of the pandemic, travelers should monitor CDC guidelines for travel to both countries as what may be valid today can change tomorrow. But we strongly encourage you to visit your physician and alert him/her of your travel plans. Please follow your physician’s recommendation.

  • Final Itinerary will be emailed to you 90 Days in advance to plan your free time and any extra excursions. This will also contain flight information from JFK or IAD.

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