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Best of Both Worlds

Oct. 06- 17, 2023

Dubai & Bali

Alright Sis, So...

This is a guided multi-city tour. We will sample two countries while discovering some of the most iconic monuments in each destination. Entry fees and admissions are covered, exclusive events have been planned all while leaving you leisure time on your own so you can cure that insatiable wanderlust inside of you. Join us as we leave our beach side cabanas and engage in cultural experiences, get up close and personal with the wild life, explore man-made creations and unveil the Beauty N' The East..


You'll find what I like to call the "Skinny" on this webpage, but click the link and download the detailed brochure for more in depth information about the trip. 

Entering Hotel Room
Enjoying Nature
romantic beach dinner.jpg


  • Optional Roundtrip Flights (TBA)

  • Private Airport Welcome

  • Shuttle Service to Hotel

  • Five Star Accommodations

  • GoGirl & English Speaking Tour Guide

  • Daily Breakfast; Select Lunch & Dinner

  • Nice to Sea You Dinner Cruise

  • Dubai City Tour

  • Aah' Souki Souki Now! - Shopping

  • Burj Khalifa's 124th floor (Tallest building in the world)

  • Royal Desert Retreat Dinner

  • Grand Mosque Experience

  • Say'high Dinner in the Sky

  • Flight from Dubai to Bali

  • Sumatran Elephant Safari

  • Monkey Forest

  • Balinesian Cooking Class

  • eBike Cycling tour

  • 90 min Cocoa Therapy & Balinese Massage

  • Relax & Rejuvination Flower Bath

  • Ayung River Rafting Excursion

  • Bali Swing

  • Starlit Harbor Party

  • Leisure & Exploration time in each destination

  • Beauty N' The East Swag Bag & Apparel

  • Girl Let's Go's Blend In Language & Culture Course

  • Further details are released to registered travelers only


Here's the tea!


Passport Requirements
passport book.png
Room Mates Vs Pricing

Rooms are priced based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY; meaning two people occupying one room. Example: If the cost of the room is $1,000.00, the we display is $500 per person.



Solo travelers do not get the luxury of paying half the cost of the room. If resorts/hotels did that, they would lose money by selling rooms at half cost! When a solo traveler occupies a room to themselves, they are assessed a solo traveler fee which varies from trip to trip. Visit the trip brochure for detailed info for your trip. ​

room occupancy.jpg


Registered guests have the option to list themselves in the cabin classifieds to pair with another registered guest once they have made settled 50% of their invoice. Girl Let's Go does NOT assist, vet or guarantee a match, but we do make this service available to our guests. You must have a cabin mate by final payment or you will be billed as a solo traveler. No exceptions.

Sh*t Happens Sis!

But don't you dare book this trip without getting travel protection! That's like buying a car and not getting car insurance.

Travel Insurance
Travel Protection (Travel Insurance) compensates you (the traveler) if things do not go as planned.
And the way your life is set up..... I wouldn't book a trip without it! Travel insurance can cover anything from