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Barbados BAEcation

5 Days

4 Nights

2 Per Room

Sept 5-9 2024

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Reignite the passion and fire with Barbados! We're taking you away from the mainstreem resorts and putting you in an intimate boutiqe, "The House" away from the house! 

The House, by Elegant Hotels is an adults-only, all-inclusive, luxury abode with inclusions to enhance your self care experience. Pamper yourself with Ambassador Service tending to your every whim and desire,  Enjoy a complimentary Jet Lag Massage upon arrival and selection of relaxing spa treatments will instantly carry any stress far away. Revel in well-appointed suites, explore complimentary motorized water sports, yoga classes, champagne breakfast and stylish afternoon tea and evening canapés and satisfy your culinary curiosities with extraordinary temptations at Tapestry helmed by award-winning chef, Javon Cummins.

About the Trip

Barbados is a already popular destination for couples who want a romantic Caribbean getaway, and we've found the perfect place stimulate every sense in your body. Couples can expect the royal treatment and perfect ambiance to rekindle and ignite the the passion between you. 

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Thai Cuisine
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Novotel Bangkok 2
Krabi Thailand 3
Asian Landscape
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Monks in Thailand
Deep jungles of North Thailand
Novotel Bangkok - Bangkok Thailand

Your Experience

Here's the Skinny

Package Inclusions

This  4 Night Retreat Includes

  • 4.5 Star Resort Accommodations

  • Adults ONLY Atmosphere 

  • Upgraded Round Trip Shuttle Svc to and from airport

  • Professional Travel Manager Concierge  Service

  • Pre-Trip Incentives *up to $400 off your trip

  • Champagne breakfast daily

  • 24-hour Service Ambassador to cater to guests every need

  • Complimentary jet-lag massage

  • Afternoon tea and evening canapés

  • Complimentary watersports snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and complimentary motorized watersports such as waterskiing, banana boats and tubing

  • Beach and pool Ambassador Service providing scented cold towels, refreshments and sorbets throughout the day

  • Complimentary fitness center and classes


Credit Card

Okay, Listen Up! You Really Wanna Go On This Trip?

The rule of thumb is: "Plan Early &Pay Less." So, the longer you wait to get registered and start making payments, the less time you have to make comfortable payments. Affirm financing is available for those who qualify, you can use it to pay all, or a portion of your trip off.  

Need help finding a roommate?

Post in our trip classifieds once you have reached 50% of your invoice and get to know others who are equally invested and looking for a roommate too.

Yesterday's Price

Time is of the essence when it comes to booking a trip. What's available today can increase in price or be gone tomorrow. Submitting your full deposit is the only way to guarantee accommodations and ensure the trip is designed with your presence in mind. Upon confirming your registration, if the price has increased more than $50 per person we will continue with your reservation and note the price change on your invoice and the difference will be due at final payment. If the increase is more than $50 we will offer you a refund option good for 72hrs of the emailed notification.  Anytime a change is made to an existing reservation, repricing is based on the current rates at the time of the request. 

Monthly Payment Plans Accepted

Final Payment July 15, 2024

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Sh*t Happens...
Get Travel Protection!


Booking a trip without getting travel protection! That's like buying a car and not getting car insurance.

Travel Protection (Travel Insurance) compensates you (the traveler) if things do not go as planned.

It's not so much about getting "a" policy, as it is about getting the "RIGHT" policy. Travelers should purchase a policy that best fits their desired level of coverage rather than choosing based on the cheapest price. Travel insurance can cover anything from unforeseen circumstance to missed flights, lost luggage, accommodations, medical evacuations and the ability to cancel for any reason, to name just a few. We recommend our travelers purchase their insurance policy within 7 days of registering for the trip to ensure they are presented with the widest range of coverage offerings. Options available to travelers after 7 days of booking have limited options. The process to get a free quote is simple. Just enter your personal information, trip cost and state and review the options. Girl Let's Got trip reservations are nonrefundable, therefore, if you wish to seek any compensation in the event something jeopardizes your trip...GET TRAVEL INSURANCE.


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You're definitely going to need a passport and visa for this trip!

Don't worry, we're here to help! While you can book the trip without having a passport, we wont be able to issue your travel documents without proof of possesion whether your trip is paid in full or not. The main thing is to make sure you're eligible to obtain one. With current processing times we suggest you apply for yours as soon as possible. If you currently have a passport, you must check to make it does not expire six months beyond travel dates. If your passport expires during this time you will not be permitted to enter the destination(s) so be sure to get your passport updated.

Helpful Information:

Visa & Passport Requirements for Destinations:

For more information visit

Vaccination requirements may change from day to day. Source all recommended and required vaccination advice from for your particular destination and the advise of your personal physican.

It is the traveler's responsibility to ensure they are fit to obtain all required travel docs. In the event they are not obtained, for whatever reason the reservation will be cancelled at the travelers loss/expense.

Where We Goin?

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Barbados BAEcation
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