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Hey Girl, Heeey!

The questions asked on this form are completely voluntary and allows qualified travelers to assess the pair-ability of others for the purpose of sharing a room during a trip. Those participating in this service assume all responsibility, liabilities associated with rooming with a stranger. Girl Let's Go makes no attempt to verify the information provided and is only acting as the entity sharing information that is passed to us by you with your permission to share it with others. We encourage you to take all necessary steps to ensure you are safe and comfortable with the stranger you choose to room with. Once paired, in the event that your paired roommate cancels from the trip, for any reason, you are responsible for finding another roommate OR satisfying any unpaid portions of the invoice can result in cancellation or room adjustment which may constitute a fee. FOR THIS REASON WE DO NOT APPROVE ROOM PAIR REQUESTS UNLESS 50% OF YOUR INVOICE IS PAID.


Thanks for submitting! Your listing will be published once we verify your balance.

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