Group Getaways offered by Girl Let's Go!

      You can always book your trip and travel on your own, but Girl Let's Go Getaways offers an opportunity to create relationships long before the trip even begins which makes it easy to skip being strangers and  travel like family. Our travelers get a chance to create amazing bonds, find room mates, and network all while traveling the world.

      Getaways are planned rendezvous typically lasting between 4-7 nights and include a fine mixture of personal /leisure time, planned events (which are optional) and excursions to kick the fun up a notch. Getaways are planned 8-14 months in advance and depending on when you book group flight options (with payment plans) may be available. 

The Star Status Getaway

July 15-19, 2020

$150 MidTerm Registration


YaMon Getaway

Aug 15-19, 2020

$50 Early Bird Registration



Aug. 6-10, 2020

$50 Early Bird Registration ends 1/31