Swag Bag & Sponsorship Opportunities

We love filling our traveler' swag bags with trinkets and souvenirs. Along with our novelties, this is an opportunity for you to flaunt your business and broaden your reach as our travelers come from all ends of the states. Submissions do not have to be travel related and we do have men travelers.

What's In It For Me?

All entries will receive web listing on our Girl Let's Go Website with your pic, company bio and services

Honorable mention as a sponsor on our live August Pre-Trip Summit 

(4) participants will be chosen to be featured on our What's The Deal Live Show in the month of September.

All items are presented in your honor

Requirements & Deadlines:

  • Items Must be tangible items (no business card or brochure only submissions)

  • Include a business card (or label) for each item you send

  • Include company bio for your business and 1 for yourself with all your social media handles 

  • If you want to personalize items for our 10 VIP Travelers/Winners we will provide you with the name list

  • Deadline to receive items is four our next scheduled trip is August 8, 2019

  • Submissions AFTER August 8, 2019 will go on our October 28th trip 


  • $11.95 Bronze = These items are usually presented as awards or grand prizes like gift cards or high value items. With this sponsorship you may only submit up to 3 items. 

  • $15.95 Gold Sponsorship =  Anything customized with Girl Let's Go Logo, Our Trip Name, Theme, or Traveler's name. (You may still include your company info) and we will provide you with logo. This is especially great for crafters who have the ability to personalize items. 

  • $19.95 Silver Sponsorship = These are generally filler swag bag items like shown in the photo above. With this sponsorship items must be submitted in multiples of 15 or more. 





Entries must be received by August 8, 2019 to:

Girl Let's Go, LLC

SUITE 111 PMB 1052

Need Ideas?

Novelty Items

​Dollar Tree is your friend. Many items can be infused with your company label, business card or logo sticker.

  • Personalized pencils

  • Mini frisbees

  • Squeezable stress balls

  • Pencil toppers and erasers

  • Luggage Tags

  • Stickers

  • Anything that glows in the dark

  • Mini bottles of bubbles

  • Temporary tattoos

  • Key Chains

  • Noisemakers

  • Bookmarks

Food Items

No party favor bag is complete without some type of treat. Include your company sticker or creatively attach your card to the item.

  • Individual servings of popcorn, pretzels, potato chips, nuts, cookies, raisins, fruit snacks, etc.

  • Mini chocolate bars

  • Mini bags of microwavable popcorn

  • Lollipops

  • Wax lips

  • Caramel or candy apples

  • Individually-wrapped candies, such as Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, Pop Rocks, Pixy Stix, Fun Dip, etc.

Ladies Love It!

For women, the party favor options are endless. If you're assembling bags for preteen girls, you don't have to search far and wide for things to include.

  • Pinwheels

  • Slap bracelets

  • Mini spiral bound notebooks

  • Small stuffed animals

  • Mini manicure kit

  • Lip gloss

  • Perfume samples

  • Paper folding fans

  • Novelty pens and pencils

  • Small craft projects, like a make-your-own-bracelet project

  • Colorful emery boards

  • Mini soaps

  • Stamps and ink pads

  • Body glitter, lotions

Our Men Need Love Too!

They are the most often neglected on our trips but that's about to change! Creative items for men may include:

  • Cuban Cigar (body sprays/samples)

  • Cork Screw Key Chains

  • Ummm....what do men want? Be Creative