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Spirit Leaders

In my book, saving money is just like making money, and if you could save some money off your trip, Earn money while going on your trip, and get a few perks and incentives just for traveling with your crew, Wouldn't that sound good to you?

I bet it does!

Spirit Leaders (SLs) are NOT travel agents and are not responsible for booking trips or handling customer inquiries etc., However they are diligent about spreading the word about the trip and building an entourage of travelers along the way. They are experts at pointing interested guests in the right direction (usually to our website), echoing the emails and announcements within their entourage which really keeps travelers engaged, and looking forward to their upcoming trip. ​


The Spirit Leader opportunity is available to every traveler.

      Register  Now!

  1. Register for the trip you want to attend

  2. Give credit to the person who invited you

  3. Sign Up to Be A Spirit Leader

You qualify as a Spirit Leader once you have 8 guests (that's just 4 couples) who enter your name as their referral source DURING REGISTRATION.  Since perks and incentives are specific to each trip, Once qualified we will email the terms, conditions tips and incentives. You can still earn some incentives for your efforts even if you do not qualify with 8 guests by departure.


You can also qualify to become a Spirit Leader if you:

  1. Initiate a group cruise with us. 

  2. Was referred as 1 of 4 Spirit Leaders for someone who initiated a cruise with us. (Example: A church member who adds 4 other Spirit Leaders to help encourage a Missionary Trip.

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