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On Cruising

Find out the scoop on the different cabin types, the good, the bad and how to book one as an individual or as part of a group.

Why does it seem like solo cruisers and quint cruisers pay less? Do children pay less? Why is her balcony cabin cost less than mine? Can I combine these two deals I found?

Get the 4-1-1- on how to take advantage of good deals, how to spot bad ones, and how to save big on your group or individual booking.

OMG, do I have to get a covid shot? Do I need a passport? Umm...I'm pregnant! Find out answers to our most commonly asked questions and then get booked!

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Just Remember...

When you hear an amazing deal and they say "

...prices as low as $199... best believe they haven't included the taxes or port fees and that price starts you out at the bottom of the boat." ~Mesha

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