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Tropical Beach

Quinetta Rogers

Chief Finance Officer


It is important that travelers adhere to their monthly payment minimums to remain booked on their trip. Anytime a payment is missed within a full calendar month a fee of $9.99 per person will be assessed to your invoice. The calendar month begins and ends on the first and last day of each month. All fees assessed must be paid in order for your invoice to be paid in full by final payment. After 3 missed payments your reservation is in jeopardy of cancellation. No further notice will be given.​

If you are on autopay - you MUST complete this form 3 business days days prior to your draft date. If you do not receive a change confirmation your request is not complete.

 | Invoice Change & Request Form |
Complete the appropriate sections for your request. Each traveler must submit their own request. Do not submit changes for others.

Please allow up to 3 days for processing and watch your email for confirmation that you requested changes have been made.

Changing Your Draft Date

Change Type:

Thanks For Submitting!

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