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Dream Trips Do Come True!

The iExplore Travel Line by Girl Let's Go gives you an opportunity to explore some of the most sought after destination on the planet while getting off the beaten path so you can explore, indulge and create memories that last a life time! 

All the Fun, None of the Hassle

No need to spend countless hours researching and piecing things together, our team has meticulously designed these trips so that you can visit multiple destinations with excursions and expeditions included in your price.  


Plan Early, Pay Less

We offer these trips 18-24 months prior to departure so that you can take advantage of low, affordable monthly payments and start scratching these trips off your bucket list. 

On Your Own But Never Alone

Explorers are booked as group trips but are free to do your own thing or request a trip be booked exclusively for you. Room pairing is available to registered who have satisfied the full deposit for their trip. 

Do It In Dubai

Sept. 20, 2020


April 10, 2021

Dubai & Maldives

October 29, 2021

South Africa

Sept. 17, 2021


Dates Pending