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Your Mission

Picture this: the airport doors swing open, and there you are, soaking in the bustling scene. It's a ladies' paradise! Some flaunting their vacay snaps, others sipping martinis at the info desk, getting the 411 on trips from Montego Bay to Bora Bora. You spot a group playing Bingo, while juicy convos (posts) lure you in with your popcorn GIF at the ready! A suitcase winks at you, beckoning you to join the fun - spill travel secrets, snag sweet prizes, and soak up the latest travel buzz. Our Departures Lounge gurus aim to make this club the ultimate hub for globe-trotting gals, where the "Girl Let's Go" vibe is so infectious, we don't have to beg for invites. The group is electric, and so is the energy!

Teams & Post Types

This portion of the page is still under constrution.

New Member Crew

With their continuous effort to grow the group with at least 10 new approvals a day (First Mission) this team or person Makes NEW MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENTS every WEDNESDAY. The announcement contains pictures/video of previous travel and may include a booking incentive or welcome reward. The New Member Crew works collaboratively to continual find innovative ways to get people into the group either by paid ads or organic material.

This crew is also responsible for:

  • Approving New Members and Logging Email Addresses

  • Emailing New Member Names each Wednesday to for new member games and rewards.

  • Working with Admin /Moderators Team to create incentives and giveaways for the upcoming month.

  • Inspiring new member incentives for merch, trip bookings and email/site member signups.

Destination & Information

The focus of this crew is to make sure that they are enlightening, inspiring and captivating the wanderlust in each of our travelers. From did you knows to best time to gos, random tips, news updates, and how to use the GLG site effectively. With such a ride range of content the team works together ensure they are hitting the interests of our audience and making the group rich in valuable information for them, thus building their confidence in us when it is time to book. 

Chitchat & Events
The Manager - runs reports
Girl Talk Group
Sensitivity Team
Trip Announcements 

This is a Job Description. Briefly describe your specific position, including details about important achievements and milestones. Make sure to include relevant skills and highlights, and don't forget to adjust the timeframe in the subtitle. {at everyone at followers schedule)

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