Girlfriends Weekend

Oct. 30, 2020

Nov. 3, 2020

An Unforgettable Weekend

Of course, the cruise ship is open to everyone...but when you're booked into the Girl Let's Go Group, you'll have some exclusive perks, events and amenities to brag about! Whether you're sailing with your boo, or coming for booze, this trip is about having fun, living free and enjoying the land's beauty. See you soon!

Join the Crusade!

Our Group Cruises ("Crusades") are allow our travelers to stand out from the crowd and enjoy a tailored experience to ordinary cruise itineraries. Whether you're traveling with someone or by yourself, you're never alone and while you don't have to attend our events and gatherings, you have the option to! Additionally, you are privy to all perks, gifts, amenities and incentives we extend to our travelers which only adds to the loads of fun and temptation both on board the ship and in destination.

When you book "into" a Girl Let's Go Crusade, you're not just another sailor on the ship, you're a part of a group which allows you to benefit from the exclusive perks and amenities extended to our travelers whether you choose to hang with us or not! This includes, but is not limited to exclusive parties both in destination and on board the ship, on board credits, gift items, photo sessions, dining arrangements, cabin assignments and more. 


All travelers who wish to be a part of our group crusades MUST register "into" the group. If you book directly with the cruise line you will be on the ship but no a part of our group, and trust'll see, know and feel the difference.

Crusades are added periodically. If you would like to request a special group booking or interested in becoming a Spirit Leader be sure to let us know!

Trip Details

Crusade Name:

Girlfriends Weekend

Trip Date:

Oct. 30, 2020


Nov. 3, 2020

Ship Detail:

Carnival Imagination, Sprit Class

Who's Invited:

We're not buying out the ship, so technically you can bring anyone. But within our group itinerary there may be some events that are not suitable for children or that we cater to a specific audience such as ladies happy hour or a battle of the sexes event. 

Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 - Departure Long Beach Day 2 - Fun Day At Sea Day 3 - Ensenada Day 4 - Los Angeles

Arrive at port by 12 noon day of arrival, do not buy return flights earlier than 12 noon on departure date

Sailing Requirements

Original Birth Certificate State Issued ID Card * Pregnant women must have a signed waiver and cannot be or enter 24 weeks gestation during sailing.  No Passport Required for U.S. Citizens but it is strongly suggested * Those traveling with minors where their name is not listed on the original birth certificate will need notarized consent from the parents. Those who are not U.S. Citizens may require additional documentation. Sailing requirements/restrictions may be imposed at any time, registered guests will receive notification in the event additional there are changes. Contact us directly if you have any questions.

What's Included
    4 Nights aboard the Carnival Magic

    Full Cabin Accommodations 

    Taxes and Port Charges

    All meals and non-carbonated drinks

    Girl Let's Go Meet and Greet 

    Themed Party

    Exclusive Girl Let's Go Gift

    Group Photo Shoot
What's Not Included

Personal Expenses, Additional Excursions, Gratuities, Vacation Protection, pre and post accommodations  such as flights, hotels, shuttle service, and activities such as meet and greet dinners or outings may be additional.

Cabin Pairing

Cruisers can list themselves in the trip classifieds for this cruise once they have satisfied at least 50% of their invoice.

Friendly Faces

Go Girls are company representatives that accompany our travelers on their voyages. They help facilitate functions and activities during the trip, and may act as an advocate in the event situations arise. Spirit Leaders, on the other hand, are travelers who have made it a point to invite their entourage of family and friends on board the ship. If you are interested in becoming a Spirit Leader



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Spirit Leaders

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Shantel Gray

Class of 2020 see ya'll soon

Jackie Felps

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!

About this Ship

There are 13 decks on this ship. The highest deck number is 13. The number of decks with passenger cabins is 5.

From the moment you step aboard, you’ll realize that this isn't just a cruise ship. The Grand Atrium isn't just a room with a high ceiling — it’s a place of high art. Your dinner at one of the two main dining rooms is more than just a dish in front of you — it’s the result of our chefs’ culinary creativity. And the Paris and Candlelight Lounges aren’t just rooms with some seats and a stage — they’re spots for our performers to transport you to another place and time.

For inspired food, fast, transport yourself to the BlueIguana Cantina, home of freshly stuffed tacos and burritos. Or if you’re more in the burger mood, try Guy’s Burger Joint, where they weren’t just inspired by Guy Fieri… they were designed by the guy himself. For the adults, there’s RedFrog Rum Bar, BlueIguana Tequila Bar, plus the borderline-magical Alchemy Bar. And for the kid in everyone, there’s the truly sweet Cherry On Top.

Choosing Your Cabin

A lot goes into choosing the RIGHT cabin. Do you tend to get seasick? Do you prefer to nest peaceably on your balcony rather than hanging with the crowd around the pool area? Conversely, is your idea of a stateroom simply a place to flop into bed at 1 a.m. -- no fancy notions necessary? Are there certain amenities you are willing to splurge on, or can you simply not justify paying for unnecessary perks? The answers will help guide you toward selecting the best stateroom for your money.

You'd think it would be as simple as choosing a cabin type, (Interior, Ocean View, Balcony or Suite) but what most cruisers don't know is that these 4 cabin types can have multiple price variations based on  size, view, location, amenities. These variations are known as categories, and can be the reason why one interior may be priced at $198 per person, while another interior is priced at $498 per person.  So, if you're only shopping by price, it's pretty fair to say that the lower the price, the less ideal your accommodations may be. This can be anything from an obstructed view to a guaranteed cabin, which is the cruise line's fancy way of saying we'll surprise you with you board the ship.

With us, there are no surprises. Within our group inventory, we're holding a variety of cabin types and categories for you to choose from, you'll see them during registration. Specialty cabins such as Havana Cabins, Family Harbors, Cloud 9 Spas, Suite, Scenic Views, Idealistic Balcony Cabins, Connecting Rooms, those with Extra Bathrooms and that accommodate triple, quad and quint occupancy guests are a limited quantity on the ship and can only be reserved with a deposit from each guest. We will go over these options with you as part of your on boarding.

Upper Lower

These staterooms are the smallest and least expensive cabins. They are often narrower than a traditional cabin since one bed is above the other. 

Port Hole

Cabin with a small round window often similarly sized to an inside cabin or a bit larger.


Standard-sized room, with no window to the outside. This is the one cabin type that can usually be found all over the ships since its design is less restrictive.

Ocean View

Ocean View cabins allow a view of the ocean through a window (that does not open). Depending on the category you choose, this can be a large window stretching across the cabin offering a more scenic view, or a standard square window.


Generally speaking, the extra space you get in a Balcony cabin is the actual verandah that allows you to step outside without going up to a public deck. Depending on the category you choose you may have an extended balcony, one that wraps around or standard balcony.


A larger cabin, often with separate living and sleeping areas, and a wide variety of extra amenities and perks. Depending on which suite you choose you may enjoy luxurious multi-roomed spaces with your own hot tub, extended balcony and access to a private areas and priorities on board the ship.

Group Inventory

If you desire a cabin type that is not listed below such as a suite or specialty cabin OR if you have received a past guest promotions, casino offer etc., please contact us directly and we will gladly assist you personally with your reservation.






















Suites & Specialty Cabins are priced a limited quantity on the ship and are priced at the time of request. Register and select your desired cabin type and we will send over pricing and deposit information. No payment will be made until you accept the quote.

  • Single occupancy = one person to a room

  • Double occupancy = two persons to a room

  • Triple occupancy = three persons to a room

  • Quad occupancy = four persons to a room


Notice to Triple Quad & Quint Bookings

While your price may look very attractive, please note the cruise line will accommodate each person with his or her own sleeping accommodations however those who choose triple, quad and quint cabins may receive sofa beds, bunk beds, trundle or roll out units based on what is available to the time your cabin is assigned. In addition, the cruise line does NOT administer on board credits and group perks to the third, fourth and fifth passenger in the cabin as they are not billed as full paying guests. For this reason, we strongly suggest you NOT reserve these room type unless you are rooming with minor children. Due to the depravities of the third, fourth and fifth guest, we do not automatically split pricing equally between all who are in your cabin. It is up to you and your cabin mates to decide if you want to split the entire cabin balance equally. Triple, quad and quint cabins are a limited quantity on the ship, therefore to secure a triple, quad or quint cabin, each person in the cabin will be required to pay the deposit for the cabin before it can be guaranteed and confirmed to you.

Important Information

Travel Insurance

There is no end to the things that could go wrong and jeopardize your travel plans. While we cannot force our client's to purchase travel protection, we highly recommend that you take the time to review the policies, coverage, and select the one that best fits your needs and budget. The cruise line offers standard protections ranging from $49↑ depending on your invoice amount, and we've partnered with agencies that offer you a wider range of comprehensive policies and coverage. 

Booking Notes

Registering into the group reserves your space within our group inventory and secures your entitlements as part of the group. In order to qualify for your confirmed cabin assignment, each guest on your reservation must make at least


You are welcomed to pay your account in full, however if you need a payment plan you must make your first payment within 30 days of registration and continue making monthly installments every month thereafter until paid in full. Unless requested otherwise, monthly payments are divided equally by the number of months left until final payment which is generally 75-90 days prior to departure, the actual final payment date for your cruise will be specified on your invoice. 



Terms & Conditions

Though you may be working with a specific agent or have access to contact them/us via alternative methods, the official means of communication for booked guests is through email or your client portal. It is the guest's responsibility to notify Girl Let's Go, of all changes to their name, email and fitness to travel and we do not make changes to your account through third parties so each booked guest must not rely on friends and family to handle matters for them unless they are adults caring for minor children, married couples, or operating with a power of attorney. 

Making reservations for this package signifies you retain Girl Let's Go as your booking agency and therefore accept our booking policies, terms and conditions. You also agree to the cruise lines' policies and any special terms and conditions that are attached to the promotion or rate you accept.  To view the cruise Lines Cruise Ticket Contract 

You understand all of your payments to Girl Let's Go, LLC are non-refundable and non-transferable and that travel protection should be purchased if you wish to have a means of filing a claim for compensation should something occur that jeopardizes your trip. You understand that unless caring for a minor or someone whom you have power of attorney over, reservations must be made by the actual person who will be cruising and the named guest should express the full name of the passenger exactly as it appears on your identification documents. You understand that until you are registered on the trip, prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Those who do not qualify for cabin assignment by the group assignment date are subject to prevailing rates. Once you make your reservations, please allow up to 7 days to log into your client portal and electronic invoice, once set you can view and manage your account 24 hours a day. Name changes are allowed with a $50 name change fee unless such name change constitutes a cancellation charge assessed by the Cruise Line, in that case cancellation fees may apply.