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Hi I'm Nadja! As a mental health professional and travel agent, I have found a way to combine the best of both worlds – TRAVEL AS THERAPY!!! For me travelling has become the best way to relieve stress and it always gives me a fresh new outlook on life. There’s nothing more satisfying than blocking off those vacation days, packing for my trip, boarding my flight, and taking off for my next adventure. So, get ready to break up the monotony in your life, grab your honey, gather the kids, or round up your tribe and GIRL LET’S GOI!!

Amethyst Reunion

5 Day Cruise

Sept. 28, 2023

Starting at $400 per person

Carnival Paradise®

About this Crusade

Sure, you'll find crowds of people on this cruise ship - some having no connection at all. But amongst them you'll find the Amethyst Group. A collective of women sharing a sharing the victory of elevating beyond domestic violence, poverty, drug abuse, and life traumas. Some of us will be meeting for the first time while others will be reuniting but no matter which category you fall into, know that you'll be surrounded by love, support, inspiration and tons of celebration!

Participants who book "into" the Amethyst Group through Girl Let's Go will find themselves showered  with an array of special perks, incentives, exclusive events, upgrades, on board credits and special events. More than anything you'll find yourself with a sisterhood of women who can relate to you no matter where you are in your journey!

Our group space for this cruise is limited so go ahead and get registered today!