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What's Included In Your Cruise Fare

Cruise Fare basics

During the days of your cruise, your fare includes a plethora of entertainment options, complimentary white table dining as well as multiple fast food and grab and go delectable served at the pool grill or buffet. To quinch your thirst, grab some nonalcoholic beverages (coffee, tea, non-bottled water, lemonade and ice tea. By night, your fare includes your comfortable stateroom with cabin steward to refresh your sailing quarters daily, room service options, the exciting visit to however many port destinations that are included in your itinerary and your government mandated taxes and port fees. For minors, complimentary kids programming with age-appropriate activities in exciting onboard settings with trained child care professionals is included in the fare. Most programs are free, but you may pay for after-hours group babysitting or babysitters who come to your cabin (not all lines offer this).

Here's Where Things Get Tricky

Is the ship new or old? What class of ship is it? How many days will you be sailing? How many people are in your cabin? Heck, what cabin did you choose, and where is it located? These are all factors that can elevate your cruise fare.

A few rule of thumbs to remember...Generally speaking:

  • The older the ship, the more economical the price. The newer the ship, well... you know the rest.

  • Cabins types with obstructed views, bunk bed units or located in less ideal location on the ship are usually priced and advertised to represent the LOWEST available fare on the ship. You may even find promotions that offer lower fares if you allow the cruise line to pick your cabin location - you find out moments before you board. Could you imagine the horror of an undesirable cabin? This isn't always the case, but it's like playing Russian Roulette with your accommodations.

  • Ship classes make a difference. Each year cruise line's spend millions renovating and creating the most enjoyable experience. Certain classes of ships have accommodations and features that other ships may not.

  • Unless there is a special promotion, the first and second guest in the cabin pay the FULL FARE. Sometimes, the third, fourth and fifth guest in the stateroom pay a reduced fare but this is not always true.

  • Midship and cabins located higher up, or with the most spectacular views such as an AFT balcony cabin are highly prized commodities, few in inventory and sell out fast.

  • The more destinations you pack into your itinerary, the more fuel and service costs are associated with your fare. Expect shorter sailings to be priced less than smaller sailings. 

What's Not Included

The following items are not automatically included in your cruise fare when booking within a group, however, you can request to add them to your invoice so that you have no worries when it's time to take your cruise: 


Cruise Gratuities

Carnival Gratuities can be prepaid in your invoice so there's nothing to worry about, or billed to your room and settled before you leave the ship. Gratuities paid are distributed to the crew who you interact with, such as your stateroom attendants, dining and culinary services staff, as well as others who work behind the scenes to enhance your overall cruise experience.


Pricing for gratuities are as follows:

$14.50 per person per day for regular cabins $16.50 per person per day for suites.

travel insurance icon.png

Travel Insurance is optional but highly recommended since all funds paid are non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-creditable without it. You may purchase through the cruise line by letting your agent know to add it to your invoice or shop through our insurance partnerships found at

Travel Insurance

Pricing range is generally as follows:
  • Up to $400  = $49.00 per person
  • $401 - $500 = $65.00 per person
  • $501 - $600 = $79.00 per person
  • $601 - $800 = $95.00 per person
  • $800 - $1000 = $109 per person
  • $1000 - $1200 = $119↑ per person

Coverage Provided by: Aon 877-248-704;  For policy info email New York no option for protection will have to get their own policy, CLICK HERE FOR OPTIONS

Associated Costs & Personal Preferences

Hotel & Parking Options

Hotel Icon_clipped_rev_1.png

Travelers may opt to purchase a hotel at their own expense pre or post cruise travel at their desired hotel or one that Girl Let's Go has recommended. Cruise parking is available on or off the port. Rates range from $14-$25 per day.



Flights can be purchased on your own OR added to your Carnival Invoice (with a deposit) once you have settled 1/2 your invoice. Travelers request this with their agent, terms are dictated by the Cruise Lines and the balance is due by final payment.

The Carnival Hub App:
Royal Caribbean App.png
excursion snorkeling.jpg
drinks royal caribbean.jpg

Cruisers are given access to make personal enhancements to their onboard experience, as well as an opportunity to schedule specialty reservations, see the ship calendar, get notifications on deals and specials, check-in, book excursions, drink packages and so much more. Clients can download the link at any time, however some features may not be available until you are within a certain window of your sail dates, generally 90-120 days before sailing. Get the app & Explore!

  • Share your cruise countdown

  • Purchase gifts, wifi, spa services, shore excursions, and more

  • Make dinner reservations

  • Complete Online Check-In

  • Chat

  • See What's Happening

  • Ship Maps

  • Food and Drinks

  • Account Management

  • Kids and Teens

apple app store button.png
google play button.png

Groups VS Individual Bookings

Let's get a few things clear:

You are an individual booking so long as you are sailing with less than 7 other cabins

You can book as an individual and be tied to a group booking as sometimes the price promotion for an individual booking may be better than the group rate. Let me explain:

Groups are put together with guidelines and conditions that you may not be used to if you've only sailed as an individual reservation. One of the stark differences is that group bookings have a "locked in rate" where the cruise line is holding inventory for us to fill cabins for a short period of time. Groups usually have lower deposits and more relaxed terms and conditions which make them ideal. Agents must give-back unreserved cabins are released after a certain timeframe so it's best to grab them sooner or later by registering for the cruise. The release of certain deals or promotions may make booking as an "individual" within the group more attractive than our group rate, and if you find that to be the case, we're more than happy to get you booked, then move your reservation into the group so you can still take part of the perks, amenities and privileges extended to our cruisers from the Cruise Line & Girl Let's Go!


Our group inventory and advertised pricing is for DOUBLE OCCUPANCY CABINS; meaning two people occupy the cabin. The price displayed below shows the PER PERSON rate for each cabin. Example: If the cost of the cabin is $1,000.00, the price displayed below is $500 per person.



You can also occupy this cabin as a solo traveler, however you will pay for the full cost of the cabin. The ONLY discount you will receive as a solo traveler will be the deduction of the taxes and port fees for the second guest which is usually around $200 (less than the advertised price) which will be indicated on your invoice.

Example: ($1,000.00 Cost of Cabin - $200 taxes and port fees = $800)

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