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Don't hesitate to contact your agent if you come across, or want to check for deals and promotions available to you!

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"We're not "competitors of the cruise line...we're partners!" You don't lose anything by booking with us. So whether it's a VIFP Deal, Casino offer or a deal you heard on the tv or radio, we can log in to the system and grab it for you! Here's what you need to know...

Kid's Pricing


Casino Royale Offers


VIFP Pricing

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Current Promotions

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Kid's Pricing

Kids Sail Free is an offer Royal Caribbean offers selectively throughout the year.  The "catch" with a Kids Sail Free deal are the blackout dates that prevent you from booking the promotion. The exact offer details may vary, but Royal Caribbean's Kids Sail Free offers typically follow some standard basics...

  1. The first and second guest in the cabin pay the full fare rate, even if the first or second guest is a child.

  2. The third+ guest who are 12 years old or younger on select 4 nights or longer sailings are eligible for free cruise fare.

  3. You are still responsible for paying the taxes, port fees and gratuities of the eligible kids sailing.

Kids Sale For Less is an alternative program, following much of the same above principals, but with less blackout dates. Average discount range is 25-30% off when the child is the third, fourth or 5th person in the cabin.

Casino Royale Offers


A true match made in heaven is the relationship between the casino and cruising. Let it be known that some of the most amazing perks, deals and upgrades are awarded to these guests. With so much to cover it was best for us to narrow the information down to three important links:

  1. Perks

  2. Promotions

  3. Policy

Just remember that Casino Offers are stand-alone offers and cannot be combined with any other deals or promotions. To search for your casino offers CLICK HERE, then contact your travel agent to book your individual or group reservation.

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Crown & Anchor Society


The Crown & Anchor® Society is Royal Caribbean's way of recognizing and rewarding our most loyal guests. As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits to make your cruise experiences with Royal Caribbean® even more wow-worthy. You’ll earn one Cruise Point for every night you sail with us, and double points when you book a Suite. Points add up to perks you can enjoy both on board and on land. And as your points grow, so do your benefits and status. Your agent will find and attach your Rewards Number to any sailing you book with us AND if you have special offers on the table, you'll have the opportunity to consider which is best for you. 

Current Promotions

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If you see or hear an attractive price or promotion on TV, Radio or at Royal, let us know! We are more than happy to book that for you! When trying to apply a promotion to a group, we're sorry but you'll have to choose one or the other; our group rate, or the promotion. There's an advantage and disadvantage to both. Weigh the pro's and cons and let us know which way you want to go! Promotions usually require a per person deposit, include cancellation and change fees, and may sometimes include less favorable cabins such as obstructed views, bunk bed units or less ideal pricing.

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