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Just Breathe - WooSaah Escape

4 Days

3 Nights

2 Per Room

May 15-19, 2024

Main Info

Package Inclusions

This  4 Night Escape  Includes

  • 5 Star Resort Accommodations

  • Adults ONLY Atmosphere Round Trip Shuttle Svc to and from airport

  • Our Signature Trips N' Treats™ SWAG BAGCustom Apparel

  • Professional Travel Manager Concierge  Service

  • Pre-Trip Incentives *up to $400 off your trip

  • Access to cash giveaways, special perks, upgrades exclusivelyas a thank you from Girl Let's Go!

How To Book Your Escape

Fill out the trip registration form and provide your personal information and preferences. We will send you a confirmation once we've completed the verification process. From there, you make your montly payments and let your concierge know if there's anything we can do maximize your experince, we can do everything from flights to coordinating excursions, dinner on the beach, proposals... Woohsaaah, we got this!

Pricing and availability of your desired room is subject to change until your reservation has been confirmed. Registration is just $50 per person and serves as your deposit once your reservation is confirmed.

Novotel Bangkok Guest-Rooms-Superior-room-41
Thai Cuisine
Novotel Bangkok Guest-Rooms-Superior-room-1
Krabi Thailand deevanaplazakrabi-exterior-img01
Novotel Bangkok 2
Krabi Thailand 3
Asian Landscape
Krabi Thailand -deevanaplazakrabi-deluxeroom-img04
Monks in Thailand
Deep jungles of North Thailand
Novotel Bangkok - Bangkok Thailand

Things to Do

Yesterday's Pricing

Time is of the essence when it comes to booking a trip. What's available today can increase in price or be gone tomorrow. Submitting your full deposit is the only way to guarantee accommodations and ensure the trip is designed with you in mind.

When it comes to the minimum monthly payment, we understand everyone is at a different place financially so you're welcome to satisfy the minimum monthly payment for your trip and pay more on the months that you have it to do so.

If you need help finding a roommate, we're happy to allow you to post in the trip classifieds once you have reached 50% of your invoice being paid. 

Additional Pricing


You're definitely going to need a passport for this trip!

With current processing times we suggest you apply for yours as soon as possible. We'll need to have proof of your passport by the final payment date for this trip to avoid reservation cancellation.

If you currently have a passport, you must check to make it does not expire six months beyond travel dates. If your passport expires during this time you will not be permitted to enter the destination(s).

Helpful Information:

Visa & Passport Requirements for Destinations:

For more information visit

Vaccination requirements may change from day to day. Source all recommended and required vaccination advice from for your particular destination and the advise of your personal physican.

It is the traveler's responsibility to ensure they are fit to obtain all required travel docs. In the event they are not obtained, for whatever reason the reservation will be cancelled at the travelers loss/expense.


Rooms are priced based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY; meaning two people occupying one room. Example: If the cost of the room is $1,000.00, the we display is $500 per person.



Solo travelers do not get the luxury of paying half the cost of the room. If resorts/hotels did that, they would lose money by selling rooms at half cost! When a solo traveler occupies a room to themselves, they are assessed a solo traveler fee which varies from trip to trip. Visit the trip brochure for detailed info for your trip. ​


Registered guests have the option to list themselves in the cabin classifieds to pair with another registered guest once they have made settled 50% of their invoice. Girl Let's Go does NOT assist, vet or guarantee a match, but we do make this service available to our guests. You must have a cabin mate by final payment or you will be billed as a solo traveler. No exceptions.