The More The Merrier!

Group Crusades
Whether you're sailing by yourself and want the benefits of being a part of a group, looking to meet new people or connect with old friends group crusades bring another degree of fun to your vacation. Maybe you're attending a wedding, reunion, birthday, milestone or simply getting together with friends and family. Maybe you're the planner of the group but want to lean on our expertise to make this a hassle free experience for you and your guests.  You can either join one of our open-call group crusades or create your own. Each booking starts with just $12.50

How the $12.50 Crusade Works

  1. Register

  2. Make Your Payments

  3. And Stick to It!

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Is Our Price Different?

  • No, not when you compare apples-to-apples, oranges-to-oranges. Our group rates are provided by the cruise line and reflect the special accommodations and perks we deliver to our group. BUT, If you happen to find a lower price somewhere, we'll be happy to take a look and point out the differences or honor the price if possible.

Past Guests & Promotions

  • If you receive a VIFP Offer or qualify for a special discount such as a past guest promotion, military, senior citizen or interline discount Girl Let's Go is fully capable of honoring your promotion but you will need to pay the deposit requirement for that promotion (which is usually $50-$250 per person depending on the promotion)

Can I Make Monthly Payments?

Absolutely! If you are unable to pay your cruise off within 30 days of booking you may use our monthly payment plan or apply for financing.

I Don't Have A Cabin Mate Yet

  • We don't suggest you letting that stop you from getting registered and solidifying your plans. Sometimes not having a cabin mate is a blessing in disguise. You can add a cabin mate as long as there is space on the ship. But, if you want to list yourself in the trip classifieds for pairing assistance you can do so once you've paid in at least half of your balance.

When Is Final Payment Due

  • Your final payment will be due between 75-90 days prior to sailing.

Do I Have to Hang With The Group?

  • Absolutely NOT! We're not here to steal your vacation, just enhance it! So you are welcome to take advantage of all the perks of booking into the group, pop in whenever you'd like or not at all.


All travelers who wish to be a part of our group crusades MUST register "into" the group. If you book directly with the cruise lines you will be on the ship but NOT A PART OF THE GROUP, and trust me, you'll feel the know, see and feel the difference. When you book "into" a Girl Let's Go Crusade, you're not just a sailor on the ship, you're apart of a group which allows you benefit from the exclusive perks and amenities extended to our travelers whether you choose to hang with us or not! This may include, but not limited to exclusive parties, on board credits, raffles, gift items, photo sessions, dining arrangements and giveaways private events planned both on and off the cruise ship. 

Crusades are added periodically. CLICK HERE if you would like to submit an individual request or start your own group. Frequently asked questions are located at the bottom of this page and during each step of the registration process. 

Bustin' Loose cruise

11 May - 12 June

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$ 400

Girlfriends Weekend