The "Bustin' Loose " Cruise:

Mar. 6, 2021

Ship: Carnival Magic |    Sail Type: Group Cruise  |    Duration:  days  |    ID: No Passport Required  |     Restrictions: Men & Women Welcome

ABOUT Group Cruises

You may have sailed a thousand times, but booking within a group is different. It does NOT mean that you have to hang with us the entire time, but that we lace our experience to include perks, amenities, events and incentives that you won't get if you book directly with Carnival. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind experiences for our guests and cannot wait share them with you!

How the $12.50 Promo Works

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Price Per Person

    Interior: $696.64↑ | Ocean View: $786.67↑    Balcony: $1066.64↑ | Price increases based on your location


* Your individual cabin fare
* * Room Service & Free Order Menu
* Taxes, Port, Customs, Government Charges
* Fast Food, Buffet and White Table Dining Options 
* For minors, child appropriate program available for ages 2-17
* Entertainment on board the ship including comedy club, games and activities

* Up to $100 Cabin Credit, determined by group size.


About Pricing
Our group rate includes your individual cabin fare, taxes,and port fees. You can book our rate by registering with just $12.50 OR we can honor a rate or promotion you may have been offered, but you'll need to pay the deposit required for that promotion at the time of booking.
Cabin Inventory
Our group limited. Those wanting cabin types that are not included in our group inventory (Suites, Connecting Cabins, Specialty and Accessible cabins) will be quoted at the time of request based on Carnivals current rates, deposit guidelines and promotions.
Lower Rates & Offers
Our pricing comes directly from our partnership with Carnival Cruise Lines. ALL GUESTS who wish to utilize their VIFP, Casino, Military, Senior Citizen or State Promotions can redeem them in lieu of our group rate, and will be subject to the terms, conditions and deposit requirements for that promotion.
Cruisers may create their own unique payment plan FREE of charge. Payment plan must show balance complete by final payment date. Financing available for those who wish to apply and qualify. Requesting a "pre-approval" offer does not effect credit score.

Cabins Are LIMITED - Register Here To Reserve Yours With Just $12.50:

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