Bump the BBQ! Cruise

Men & Women Welcome...OF COURSE!

July 3-6, 2020


Ship: Carnival Liberty|    Sail Date: 7/03/2020   |    Duration: 3 Days  |    Destination: Bahamas  |    No Passport Required


Whether or not you celebrate the 4th of July is irrelevant at this point. One thing we can say for sure is... YOU DESERVE THIS TRIP and, since you're off... you might as well "Bump the BBQ" and sail off and spend the night in the Bahamas. Group Leaders wanted -  Invite your friends & Family & Save!

Price Based on Double Occupancy

PRICE PER PERSON  |    Interior: $562.52|   Ocean View: $583.52|   Balcony $667.52 | Suites Priced Upon Request   |


* Your individual cabin fare
* FULL Accommodations
* Room Service & Free Order Menu
* Taxes, Port, Customs, Government Charges
* Fast Food, Buffet and White Table Dining Options 
* For minors, child appropriate program available for ages 2-17
* Entertainment on board the ship including comedy club, games and activities

* Up to $100 Cabin Credit


When's The Last Day to Register? We might sell out while you think on it!...$12.50 holds your spot!

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